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The Secret to Team Collaboration is Individuality

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How do you use Webex Teams? The beauty of collaboration software is that it not only connects people, but allows us to work together effectively regardless of where we are in the world. What I love most about Webex Teams is getting to collaborate with my colleagues while still maintaining the ability to express my individuality. So, here are a few tips and tricks that show exactly how I do that.


Let’s Get Started

First up, how I set up Webex Teams for myself:

When I turn on my computer, I have configured Webex Teams to automatically start up – this saves me time and means I can easily see how many notifications I have. One of my favourite things about Webex Teams is that I get to decide which notifications I receive.

The long-awaited grid view for Webex Teams meetings will be landing into your Windows app this May. You’ll now be able to see up to nine people at once during a meeting, making it that much easier to. ‎Don’t let being away from the office slow your business down. Experience engaging, productive meetings from wherever you are. Cisco Webex Meetings delivers over 6 billion meetings per month, offering industry-leading video and audio conferencing with sharing, chat, and more. Experience why more p.

By going to my settings tab on windows or my preferences on Mac I can decide exactly how I want to be notified.


Can i send garageband song from iphone to ipad. For spaces, I prefer notifications for @mentions only, while for scheduled meetings, I like to be notified 5 minutes beforehand. For direct calls I always have my notifications on and the fact that I can choose my own ringtones for calls and messages is something I find really useful.


Personal Status

Another great feature in Webex Teams is being able to set my personal status and view my colleagues statuses. Time is precious and we all want to get the most out of our working day so, whether I am available, in a meeting, on a call, presenting or would prefer not to be disturbed my colleagues can see this and know when is best to contact me.See People’s Status in Cisco Webex Teams

Let’s Get Organized

Back to the settings tab this time!

Being able to choose which theme I want my app to use really gives me control over my experience using Webex Teams, it allows me decide how I want the application to look which helps me work better.

Space List

When it comes to my space list, I like to have control over this too – very quickly my spaces can seem to get lost in a sea of incoming messages so it’s really useful to be able to star my favourite spaces and then see them appear at the top of my space list. This is done with a simple configuration step in my appearance settings tab. Now I know the spaces I find most important will always live at the top of my space list and I can prioritise reading and responding to these spaces first.

Calendar Synched with Webex Teams

Another great way to keep organised within the app is to ensure that I have my calendar synced with Webex Teams. If the app is active it connects to my calendar to show my contacts status in the app and gives me a clear view of what meetings I have to attend that day. When I want to schedule a meeting I simply navigate to the relevant space, from there the activity menu allows me to easily create a meeting invite for everyone in that space. By creating my meetings this way I also have a place to store files, whiteboards and any other useful information discussed or created in that meeting. Moreover is becomes a place where the conversation can continue, even after the meeting has ended.

Edit Mistakes and Increase Productivity

Have you ever been in that situation where you’ve typed your message and pressed enter only to spot a few niggly typos, thankfully you don’t have to stress over this anymore as the app now includes complete message editing capabilities. If I want to follow up on a specific message in a space I’ll start a thread to keep the related content in one place, or I’ll use the quote feature so my colleagues can clearly see exactly what message I am referring to.

When I need to follow up on a message I’ll flag it, I can then revisit this message any time from my flags filter, this way I don’t lose track of important messages – this boosts my productivity and ensures I don’t lose track of any important information. When I see something interesting posted in a space I make a point of forwarding it on to my colleagues that would also be interested.

So why not give it a go? Let us know in the comments below what tricks you use to make Webex Teams work for you.

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WebEx supports Windows Vista and above. For Macs, please have OSX 10.7 or higher. If using the web portal, CCIT recommends using Chrome or Firefox browsers. For more information on system requirements, please visit the WebEx webpage on operating systems.

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WebEx questions should be directed to CCIT:

  • (864) 656-3494

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  • How do I get a Cisco® WebEx account?

    All faculty and staff already have access to Cisco® WebEx. To create a training space and begin using Cisco® WebEx, download the appropriate app (link below), enable WebEx within your Canvas course, or open your web browser and navigate to the Cisco WebEx Login. Log in using your network login and password.

  • Is there a cost associated with Cisco® WebEx?

    WebEx is available for free to all faculty and staff at Clemson University. At present, students can participate in sessions but cannot create sessions. WebEx is recommended for small, medium, or large-sized video conferences. If you encounter any issues please email [email protected]

  • How do I add a test to a Cisco® WebEx Training Session?

    We've created a document titled Adding a Test to a WebEx Training Session to help you learn how to add a test to a Cisco® WebEx Training Session.

  • I am trying to enable Breakout rooms but do not see the option?

    When you are creating your meeting space you want to create it using the Training template. Breakout rooms can only be used in Training spaces. Cisco provides a Knowledge Base Article with further information on setting up Breakout rooms.

  • I wasn't given the option of turning on Breakout Rooms when I scheduled my session through Canvas, can I still turn it on?

    Yes, you will have to login thru Clemson's WebEx and locate your training session under My WebEx. Then click My Meetings. Then click All Meetings. Click the Topic name for the session. Then click Edit. From here you can enable several features for Breakout Rooms. Cisco's WebEx Training website has additional information regarding breakout rooms.

  • Can I create breakout rooms from within my meeting space?

    Yes. Cisco provides an article on how to Manage Breakout Sessions in a Cisco Webex Training Session on their website.

  • What is the maximum number of Breakout Sessions I can create?

    100. To learn more, please visit Cisco's Knowledge Base.

  • What is the maximum amount of storage I have for my WebEx recordings?

    Each user is allotted 50 GB for Events, Meetings, and Training Session recordings. If you need more space, you can download your recordings and store them in either Ensemble, Google Drive, Box.com, or OneDrive.

  • How do I add a survey to an Event?

    Navigate to the 'Event Description & Options' page. From there, select the type of survey you would like to create. After filling in the necessary information, select 'OK - Use This Survey.' Full instructions on creating a survey can be found on Cisco's Website.

  • How do I download my WebEx Training Session recording?

    Navigate to Clemson's WebEx link. Then navigate to the 'WebEx Meetings' bar and select 'My Recorded Meetings'. Select the three dots to the right of the meeting you want to download and select download. Your download should start automatically.

  • How do I convert my WebEx recording from .ARF file format to .MP4 file format?

    Download the WebEx Player. Open your .ARF file in the WebEx player. In the file menu, select convert, then follow the on-screen instructions.

  • When I try to convert my .ARF file to an .MP4 file I am prompted for a Site URL, Account Name, and Password. What do I put in these fields?

    Site URL: clemson.webex.com

    Account Name: Your Clemson username

    Password: Your Clemson password

Webex Teams App

Click to find FAQs for Meeting Center, Events Center, and Training Center.