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Hi all, i have been looking here for something that will allow me multiple file search. For example i have a folder with 1000 files that have their own unique and specific names and i need to find exactly 20 of them using their respective names. Folder contains voicefiles with a telefon number in a name and every name is different. What i need is to find 20 of them by using their names, and so when i find them i can feed them in listbox for other operations with them. f/e Upload it on FTP and such things.
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Thank you all in advance.

TCIMG 28.0
TCIMG - utility to execute a certain command Total Commander and perform additional actions.
Powerful tool to extend the functionality Total Commander and other programs.
Aims to automate monotonous operations associated with the file, system, software, window operations. Fully portably, ie requires no installation and does not contribute to the registry or anywhere else for more information.
The archive utility to help the description of all the teams and more than 13.000 examples of the utility.
• Allows you to issue commands Total Commander + internal + custom + special
• Opens the specified path in the right panel + + in a new tab + support opening multiple paths in new tabs + support go directly to the file
• Emulates keystrokes in the active window
• Switches keyboard
• Delays at the time of executing the following command
• Supports Clipboard + Writes text to the clipboard + Returns the text from the clipboard + Modifies and adds the information to the clipboard + Converts search and replace with regular expression support + encodes, decodes + Encrypts, decrypts + Stores, cleans + more than 30 sub-parameters
• Summons + program, depending on the bit system. +, Depending on the system name. + + Allows the parameters to pass to parameters in the cycle list of objects + allows the transmission parameters of the way objects + allows the transmission line parameters from the clipboard window + hide + wait for the completion of the program + use a progress bar to show progress
• support for special folders
• Allows you to work with ini files + rename, delete, record + clean, replace section
• Works with the registry + Opens the specified branch in the registry + Imports. reg file to the registry + Exports the specified section / option in the reg-file + recursively copies the section, including sub-sections and parameters + Delete key or value + Creates a registry key or value in the registry
• Renames + elements with different conditions (size, attributes, masks, templates ..) + c addition of information from wdx plugins + for regular expressions + + correction coding using clipboard + with + input the necessary information to support display all the files without subdirectories ..
• Copies the elements + with + display progress bar with customizable conditions + renaming + registered in the folders you create ..
• Move items + more than 30 sub-parameters
• Creates lists from different parts of the selected items + more than 30 sub-parameters
• Restarts + Total Commander + program by process name
• Create a folder in the list + + with the transition to the newly created folder + + with the necessary conditions of a predetermined number
• Drops files + + empty the contents of the clipboard + encoded + list + template • Create a library of icons
• Extract icons from files
• Opens the link in a given browser
• Clears the cart on all drives
• Allocates + different objects from the list, clipboard with .. + different conditions (size, attributes, masks, templates ..)
• Removes / Sets attributes for files and directories + with different conditions (size, attributes, masks, templates ..)
• Deletes files and folders + with different conditions (size, attributes, masks, templates ..)
• Has the language file (may be translated into other languages)
• Creates a pop-up window with the image
• Works with window classes + allows click on the buttons in different windows without emulation keystrokes + show / hide the specified window + prohibit / allow access / drawing window + set + to change the transparency of the window title bar text. + Assign attribute 'top' + read information from windows + expect + to expect the appearance of the window closes the window + expect + availability window element set the text to the specified items + transfer window focus to the window / window element
• Create Shortcut + regular + relative + + more than 15 sub-parameters opens a relative path shortcut in Total Commander
• Assigns folders icons
• Changes the modification, creation, last access 15 + more subparameters
• archives using WCX plugins Total Commander + with specified conditions + with automation actions under the same names in the background + + expects completion packaging
• Batch changes in text files information
• Batch add / remove / replace the object comments
• Manages Winamp
• Advances tray slides or CD-drive
• Uploads reference list
• Add / Remove associations in Total Commander
• Batch extracts / converts and stores various information contents of text files
• Combines text files with advanced formatting
• Creates customized popup with text
• Creates varying difficulty entering information dialogs + + + select information display information
• Plays mp3, wma (mini player)
• Viewing color codes + reads codes any place of the screen displays the color code + Clipboard + supports selecting and configuring the color prints + color code to the clipboard in a specified format
• Turns on / off / volume Changes in the system
• Changes the title text of the specified window
• Sets the size / weight of the font in Total Commander
• Set the size of the icons in the file panels in Total Commander
• Displays various information objects, system, Total Commander
• Makes switching between the circle
• Changes Total Commander + menu highlights one of the system colors + sets / clears the status unavailable (gray) menu + is specified menu item
• Completes / Restarts process
• Closes / keeps tabs Total Commander
• Starts the help files CHM, with the introduction of the search string and the transition section.
• Encrypts / decrypts files
• Runs the list of commands from a file + + section of
• Archives / unzip zip
and more ..
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Total commander program

Total Commander – a multifunction software to manage files and folders of the system. The software consists of two windows which allow to conduct a lot of actions with the system files, memory card, applications and other component parts of the device. TCIMG 28.0 TCIMG - utility to execute a certain command Total Commander and perform additional actions. Powerful tool to extend the functionality Total Commander and other programs. Total Commander Ultima Prime 8.0 With Crack is an “amateur” build that includes Total Commander’s file manager and a whole set of the best free programs of all kinds and purposes. We won’t be sneaky if we say that by installing this build on your computer you will find there the best “for all occasions” programs that are distributed. Total Commander translation in English-Hungarian dictionary. Download coreldraw x7 full crack. En Whatever; doubtless the old MSV was not itself in total command of the situation he was allowing himself to be dragged into, but just the tip of the iceberg, representing a collection, if not a cabal, of other interested and experienced Minds who'd all be having a say in the immediate reaction to the discovery of this artifact.

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