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Are you a Mac user? You might sometimes be feeling the need of using windows applications or programs that are not compatible with your Mac system. But due to the incompatibility of windows programs with Mac you might not be able to use any windows applications.

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6 Best Windows Emulator for Mac. Although you can run Windows on Mac as dual boot operating system, it’s obvious that doing so is not the most efficient solution as you can’t use both OS simultaneously. Matshita uj 860 drivers for mac. However, if you want is to use Windows as well as Mac operating system at the same time, Windows emulator for Mac is the solution for that.


Mac Os Emulator

Like WhatsApp on mac os, yes it’s possible by these unique Android Emulators, so let’s have a look on these 3 best Android Emulator for Mac OS’s. PCSX-Reloaded is one of the the best emulator that can be installed on your Mac OS ideal for playing Playstation games. DeSmuME is a safe emulator to run Windows App on Mac OS. It is one of the best open-source Nintendo DS emulators for Mac, Linux, and other OS. You can download DeSmuME from its official website. You will get a lot of versions available there. DeSmuME is a free and open source MAC emulator for Windows computer. It’s cross-platform software. DeSmuME supports dual screen, screenshots, documentation, etc. You can also play Nintendo DS games using DeSmuME. It’s one of the best free MAC emulator software for Windows, Wii, AmigaOS 4, MAC OS X and Linux.

Apple Os Emulator For Windows

However, by using a windows emulator for mac you can use all the windows applications and programs without changing your operating system or keeping a separate windows system dedicated for running required windows programs. There are a large number of such windows emulators online that you can try. Here are a few major programs that you would love to utilize.


Wine Bottler is one of the most trusted windows emulators for Mac that lets you run specific widows apps on your Mac system. This is the most convenient program as compared to others because if you only need specific windows applications to use, you don’t need to install the windows operating system separately using this software. Also, there is no need to create separate partitions as well.



Mac Os Emulator For Windows

Crossover Mac is another top option for you if you are looking for an easy and convenient windows emulator for Mac system. This, unlike other emulators, does not require a windows OS copy to be installed rather it translates the commands that windows applications require to use to your Mac system. So you need not indulge in any heavy process of installation and all as you can start using your windows applications quite easily.


Parallels is one of the best windows emulators for Mac that offers step by step instructions for getting started with it. This is easiest to use software using which you can simply start using your windows applications on your Mac system. This software doesn’t require rebooting it means you can simultaneously use both windows and Mac applications comfortably.

Top windows emulators for mac os recovery tool


VMware Fusion 8 is a highly functional and easy to use windows emulator for Mac that makes you Mac system a home for major windows applications. By using this program you can seamlessly run your windows applications side by side with Mac programs along with wonderful file and folder sharing experience between Mac and Windows.

Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac

Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac is another option for you if you are looking for a functional windows emulator for your Mac system. Along with allowing you to access windows applications on your Mac, the additional advantage it offers is that it allows to you create a network with other windows computers as well. It implies that you can conveniently transfer files between different computers, doesn’t matter whether they run windows or Mac.


WinOnX is based on free wine application and offers you facility to use windows applications on your Mac system. Using this application you need not install windows operating system on your system and it can run major windows applications for you. In order to use this program, you need run OS X 10.6 or later as it is compatible with these operating systems.

Virtual Box

VirtualBox is a functional and feature rich windows emulator for Mac and is widely available as Hyperbox Open-source software for running windows applications on Mac system. This system is being developed via advanced releases such as Pre-built virtual machines aimed at developers, Hyperbox Open-source Virtual Infrastructure Manager, IQEmu automated Windows VM creation, application integration and more.

What is Windows Emulator for Mac?

Tired of compromising various useful windows applications just because your Mac does not support windows applications? Then you definitely need a solution that can let you use various windows applications without the need of switching to windows system or keeping a separate system dedicated to making you use windows applications. You can also see Nintendo DS Emulators for Android

Windows emulator for Mac is such a wonderful technology that helps you to run windows applications on you Mac system comfortably giving the feel like you are running windows applications on a native OS. Some of such emulators require installing windows on your Mac by creating separate partitions whereas there are some other that even don’t need to install windows for running windows applications. So try any of the above-mentioned windows emulators for Mac and start using your favorite apps on Mac.

All the above-mentioned apps will be compatible with your Mac system so if you are too seeking an easy solution for your Mac system for using windows applications, then these programs are the best options for you. With these, you even don’t feel that you are running windows applications on a non-native system as these offer such a comfort, convenience and smooth running of programs.

Top Windows Emulators For Mac Os Recovery Tool

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