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Basically, voice dictation software has speech recognition capabilities that allow it to respond to the words you say. As you speak, your words are converted to text. You can then edit and format that text. Many dictation apps also serve as personal assistant software, which means that the software can recognize and act upon verbal commands. The software can even play a piece of music once it's finished reading – a nice touch you won't find in other free text-to-speech software. If you need something more advanced, a premium version. CereProc is a text to speech (TTS) technology company, CereProc creates synthetic voices with character and personality that are designed to provide an engaging user experience and improved. Best Text-to-speech App For Mac Software For Mac is an interesting statement, and will talk more about it in this post. Current TTS applications include voice-enabled e-mail and spoken prompts in voice response systems. There are numerous TTS products available, including Read Please 2000, Proverbe Speech Unit, and Next Up Technology’s.

Text to speech software has become a common choice for many to read web contents, eBooks, PDF files, clipboard contents etc. It is very helpful for people suffering from dyslexia, students pursuing eLearning and even content editors who have to read a large amount of content on computers daily.


We will tell you about some awesome software for converting text to speech that are available online for free download.

1. Ivona- supports cloud service for recording

Ivona is very powerful and continuously evolving software for text to speech conversion. It has gained popularity for working well on every device.

Key features:

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  • Offers technical support during implementation process
  • Good voice quality and accuracy in reading texts
  • Available in many languages
  • 51 kinds of voices are available

2. Natural Reader- compatible with PDF, word and webpage

Natural Reader can read any text for you, including webpage, PDF, word files, emails and various other sources.

Key features:

  • Available for Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Supports mp3 or wav files
  • Offers syncing of multiple devices
  • Over 11 languages and 50 voices

Text To Speech Reader For Mac

3. eSpeak- compact and open source

eSpeak is very useful software for text to speech conversion that can perfectly enunciate anything you type.

Key features:

  • Can read out very complicated words
  • Recognizes punctuations and advanced sentence structures
  • Supports four different language styles
  • Lightweight, size:2.28MB

4. Balabolka- easy to set voice parameters

It is a very potent software for text to speech conversion that supports saving of on-screen texts in various formats such as WAV, MP3, MP4 etc.

Key features:

  • Control reading from system tray
  • Can read text from AZW, AZW3, CHM, RTF files etc.
  • Customizable font and background
  • Supports over 25 languages

5. Panopreter- intuitive and easy to use GUI

Panopreter is free software that can read texts aloud form RTF, HTML, Document, web pages and many other sources.

Key features:

  • Easily configurable speed of voice
  • Can save text in WAV and MP3 formats
  • Wide variety of language and speech supported
  • Supported by Windows OS

6. DSpeech- has automatic speech recognition function

DSpeech is free software for text to speech conversion that supports automatic speech recognition functionality among various other exciting features.

Key features:

Voice to text software mac
  • Allows saving texts in WAV, MP3, WMA formats
  • Supports dynamic voice change features
  • Can dub movie subtitles
  • Supports English, Spanish, French and many other languages
Text To Speech Softawre For Mac

7. iSpeech- translate speaking text easily

Best Text To Speech Software For Mac

iSpeech is a multilingual text to speech converting software available for free.


Key features:

  • High quality speech audio
  • Can save texts in multiple formats like MP3, WAV, MP4 etc.
  • Can translate speaking text in 7 languages
  • Can read translated text in 18 languages

8. read aloud software

9. Panopreter Basic

10. Speakonia

This list contains information depending on key features and free versions provided by the text to speech software, based on current available information. We hope that you find this list useful while searching for text to speech software best suited for your need.

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