Subliminal Recording System 8.0


8. Ugee m1000l software download. 0 new integrated cd to wav digital extractor i really like the subject anonymously download this torrent subliminal recording system v8 0serial.instant download.subliminal subliminal recording system 8.0 booming this is a.subliminal recording system delivers the best package in the industry.subliminal recording system. Subliminal Recording System X1 (SRSX1.exe). Subliminal Recording System X1 is an advanced Subliminal Audio Recording tool that lets you make your own Subliminal CD's and MP3's. It features an automated voice channel level mixer; this automatically mixes the subliminal voice track at a subliminal level even if the background level is changing. MCRS is a Multi-Channel Recording System designed for recording audio infromation from multiple sources simultaneously and automatically. MCRS is a Multi-Channel Recording System designed for Recording audio infromation from multiple sources simultaneously and automatically. The sound Recording software can record up to 16 channels and compress records for archiving. In 1974 the US government banned subliminal advertising in commercials because it was determined that influencing people without their knowledge was contrary to the public interest. The British, Australian, and Canadian Government have since followed suit. However, when used for personal development, this Software is completely safe and legal.

Apr 7th, 2014
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  1. This is the full cracked version of the software. Download, extract, install, enjoy.
  2. Inside the archive there is'crack' folder wich contains everything you need to crack the software.
  4. New automated voice channel level mixer. This automatically mixes the subliminal voice track at a subliminal level even if the background level is changing.
  5. Builtin recording mixer for easy access to recording inputs.
  6. Mix many background sounds together such as soft music and waterfalls.
  7. Built in Binaural Beat generator for matching brain wave patterns for maximum subconscious penetration.
  8. Recording section allows you to record stereo or mono with selectable bit rate and sample rate for CD quality recordings.
  9. MP3 playlist channel for loading many wav or mp3 files for use as backgrounds.
  10. Freq shifter to move audio files to any freq you wish.
  11. Integrated Wav to MP3 Encoder for making Subliminal MP3's to play on your computer, MP3 player or IPod
  12. Integrated MP3 to Wav Decoder to convert MP3 files back to their high quality wav files.
  13. Integrated8 Track SoundScape Recorder to make Custom Backgrounds for your Subliminal Recordings.
  14. Integrated Text to Speech Recorder. Just type in the text messages and record your computer speaking them. Greatif you donot have a microphone.
  15. Integrated Digital CD to Wav Extractor for saving songs from CD's to use in your recordings.
  16. Integrated Wav Editor with14 effects including Reverse, Echo, Band Pass and many more. Greatfor making messages play in reverse like the famous Stairway to Heaven recording.
  17. Integrated Screen Strobe Light. Makes your computer screen flash like a strobe light. Greatfor self hypnosis sessions.
  18. This easy to use subliminal recording system gives you complete and total control of what you want in your subliminal recordings. Our exclusive software has everything you need to start making your own Subliminal Message recordings right away.
  19. Why buy subliminal CD's if you really don't know whats on them or it's not exactly what you want. Now you can make fully self customized subliminal CD's anytime you want.
  20. Our low price is a small price to pay for this life changing system so get yours today!
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