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Quicken For Mac 2017 Support Massmutual

As the maker of Quicken (Intuit) moves toward improving its products, services, and security, the retirement of older versions of software is necessary. Quicken has recently moved to a subscription service. As long as you are a current Quicken subscriber, you will always be up-to-date with the current Quicken software.

  • Quicken free download - AceMoney Lite, Quicken, Home Budget, and many more programs.
  • Quicken is touting its new upgrade, Quicken for Mac 2017. Over the years, I've stuck with the patched Quicken 2007 rather than upgrade to their Essentials product, which was inadequate to my needs. Anyone driven the new 2017.

Use this table to determine the availability of the current supporting Quicken software.

Software TypeRetired/SupportedService Available
Quicken for Windows and Mac Subscription ProductsSupportedDirect Connect, Web Connect
Quicken for Windows 2005-2017RetiredN/A

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However, it still lags behind Quicken for Windows in some areas and we're still waiting for equality with the PC version. However, the changes and enhancements to Quicken 2017 for Mac show that the new owners are moving in the right direction. You can get Quicken 2017 for Mac from the Mac App Store for $74.99 or from Amazon for around $43.71.

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This article contains details about the conversion of Quicken data to QuickBooks. Best mac software for desktop publishing software. These details are helpful to small business owners like you, who wish that their data should no longer be in Quicken but in QuickBooks. The step to step tutorial will ensure that you do not lose valuable Quicken data during the transitioning.

How to Convert from Quicken to Quickbooks

Quicken and QuickBooks are both financial accounting software produced by the same company, Intuit Inc. However, they are different because of their features. QuickBooks is best for small businesses and thus is more complex than Quicken, which is useful to families and individuals. The former has tools that cater inventory, invoicing, payroll, accounts receivable and payable management and bank account tracking. On the other hand, Quicken tools cater for account balances, loans and other personal financial life issues. To convert data from Quicken to QuickBooks is possible while, to convert QuickBooks to Quicken home and business is quite impossible.

Before this conversion process commences, you need to understand a few things first;

  • It is crucial to back up your Quicken data
  • Direct conversion in QuickBooks only takes place for Quicken Windows files. Therefore, Quicken for Mac users must first convert to Quicken for Windows file to proceed to converting to QuickBooks 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

The following is how to convert Quicken 2011 to QuickBooks. It also works for converting Quicken 2011 above!

  • Before you start converting your Quicken data, first create a cut-off file.
  • Ensure to eliminate all unnecessary categories, accounts and classes in Quicken
  • Open/ launch QuickBooks
  • Select 'File'
  • Choose 'Utilities'
  • Click 'Convert'
  • Click 'From Quicken'
  • Browse in your computer to find the location of the Quicken QDF file.
  • Double click on it
  • Follow the prompts onscreen on the dialog of conversion to proceed with the Quicken file conversion. If asked to display the list, say 'yes'. You can change name if need be to the appropriate type.
  • After the conversion process is complete, review the new QuickBooks file to see if the result are reasonable.
  • If the results are unacceptable, proceed to 'create a new data file'.
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You can also use the Quicken converter provided in Intuit’s website. Download it first then select the radio button 'I am transferring data from Quicken for Windows'. After locating and selecting the file, click on 'Convert it' > 'Ok' then 'Save'.

FreshBooks- A Better Alternative to QuickBooks

Both QuickBooks and FreshBooks are great accounting software that small businesses can rely on for the running of the day to day activities. QuickBooks has certain features that FreshBooks lacks but that does not mean that the latter is any less functional. Also it may go for competitive prices. However, FreshBooks is still a better alternative because it caters for the business group that QuickBooks tends to ignore. People like freelancers and solopreneurs need something to cater for their finances. Since QuickBooks may not be of great help to them, they can turn to FreshBooks. It basically has features that cater for the smallest matters in business, since as time management while at work. FreshBooks is definitely a better alternative to QuickBooks.

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