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Code 51 (PID 60, FMI 2, 3, 4, 10) Rail Select Sensor Test, continued 2-99 Fault Isolation Procedures Step B Procedure Condition Action 1. Measure resistance be-tween transmission har-ness 30-way connector pin A1 to ground. If resistance is more than 10K ohms or open circuit OL Replace transmission controller if Fault Code 51 is active. The Instrumentation codes listed in P & ID are as follows, the first letter identifies the parameters that are controlled, the letters then identify the type of control device Based on the example of the P & ID diagram above, FT101, the first letter F has the meaning of the code (based on the ISA code), namely Flow.

  • That includes symbols and an identification code is presented. 2 Scope 2.1 General 2.1.1 The procedural needs of various users are different. The standard recognizes these needs, when they are consistent with the objectives of the standard, by providing alternative symbolism methods.
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It is common to make letter combinations in PI&D diagrams according ANSI/ISA S5.1-1984 (R 1992) 'Instrumentation symbols and identification'.

In addition to the letter combination a succeeding number as a unique identification of the actual instrument is commonly used. The numbering practice varies - some use a sequential number, others use a number related to the process line number or similar.

First Letter

First letter indicates a measured or initiating variable, or a modifier, such as Current (I), Speed (S) or Flow (F).

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Measured or Initiating Variable

  • A - Analysis
  • B - Burner, combustion
  • C - User's choice
  • D - User's choice
  • E - Voltage
  • F - Flow rate
  • G- User's choice
  • H - Hand
  • I - Current (electrical)
  • J - Power
  • K - Time, time schedule
  • L - Level
  • M- User's choice
  • N- User's choice
  • O- User's choice
  • P - Pressure, vacuum
  • Q - Quantity
  • R - Radiation
  • S - Speed, frequency
  • T - Temperature
  • U - Multivariable
  • V - Vibration, mechanical analyses
  • W - Weight, force
  • X - Unclassified
  • Y - Event, state or presence
  • Z - Position, dimension


  • D - Differential
  • F - Ration (fraction)
  • J - Scan
  • K - Time rate of change
  • M - Momentary
  • Q - Integrate, totalizer
  • S - Safety
  • X - X-axis
  • Y - Y-axis
  • Z - Z-axis

Second or Succeeding Letters

Second or succeeding letters indicates a readout or passive function, output function or a modifier function.

Readout or Passive Function

  • A - Alarm
  • B - User's choice
  • E - Sensor (primary element)
  • G- Glass, viewing device
  • I - Indication
  • L - Light
  • N- User's choice
  • O- Orifice, restriction
  • P - Point (test connection)
  • R - Record
  • U - Multifunction
  • W - Well
  • X - Unclassified

Output Function

  • B - User's choice
  • C - Control
  • K - Control Station
  • N- User's choice
  • S - Switch
  • T - Transmit
  • U - Multifunction
  • V - Valve, damper, louver
  • X - Unclassified
  • Y - Relay, compute, convert
  • Z - Driver, actuator

Modifier Function

  • B - User's choice
  • H - High
  • L - Low
  • M - Middle, intermediate
  • N- User's choice
  • U - Multifunction
  • X - Unclassified

Pid Codes List

Ford pids

Examples - P&ID codes

Flowmeter - Indicating

  • FI 001
Pid Codes List

Temperature - Transmitter

  • TT 001

Control Valve

  • FV 001

Position Switch - High Level

  • ZSH 001

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Ford Pids

111injector solenoid cyl#1current below normal or open
211injector solenoid cyl#2current below normal or open
311injector solenoid cyl#3current below normal or open
411injector solenoid cyl#4current below normal or open
511injector solenoid cyl#5current below normal or open
611injector solenoid cyl#6current below normal or open
2213ECUspeed signal calibration not performed
308PTOPTO throttle signal invalid
3013PTOPTO throttle signal out of calibration
325turbo wastegate solenoidcurrent below normal
326turbo wastegate solenoidcurrent above normal or shorted to ground
3211turbo wastegate solenoidcurrent mismatch
4138 volt supplyvoltage above normal or shorted high
4148 volt supplyvoltage below normal or shorted low
4211Injection Actuation Pumpoutput failure
432ECUkey switch
642speed sensorloss of signal
6411speed sensorerratic data signal
705intake heatercurrent beow normal
706intake heatercurrent above normal or shorted to ground
711idleidle shutdown
7114PTOPTO shutdown
840vehicle speed sensorover speed warning
841vehicle speed sensorloss of signal
842vehicle speed sensorerratic/incorrect data signal
848vehicle speed sensorsignal out of normal range
8410vehicle speed sensorabnornal rate of change
8414vehicle speed sensorquick stop occurance
918throttle positioninvalid signal
9113throttle positionout of calibration
941fuel pressurelow fuel pressure
943fuel pressurevoltage above normal
944fuel pressurevoltage below normal
9411fuel pressurelow cranking fuel pressure
963fuel levelvoltage above normal
964fuel levelvoltage below normal
1001oil pressure sensorlow pressure warning
1003oil pressure sensorvoltage above normal
1004oil pressure sensorvoltage below normal
10011oil pressure sensorvery low oil pressure
1021intake mfld pres sensorlow boost pressure
1023intake mfld pres sensorvoltage above normal or shorted high
1024intake mfld pres sensorvoltage below normal or open circuit
1022intake mfld pres sensordata does not match current conditions
1027intake mfld pres sensornot responding
1053intake mfld tem sensorvoltage above normal or shorted high
1054intake mfld tem sensorvoltage below normal or open circuit
1050intake mfld tem sensortemperature above protection limit
10511intake mfld tem sensorvery high intake air temperature
1083barometric pres sensorvoltage above normal or shorted high
1084barometric pres sensorvoltage below normal or shorted low
1082barometric pres sensorerratic/incorrect data signal
1103coolant temp sensorvoltage above normal or shorted high
1104coolant temp sensorvoltage below normal or open circuit
1100coolant temp sensortemperature above normal range
11011coolant temp sensorvery high coolant temperature
1112coolant level sensorinvalid signal
1113coolant level sensorvoltage above normal or shorted high
1114coolant level sensorvoltage below normal or open circuit
1111coolant level sensorlevel below normal range
11111coolant level sensorvery low coolant level
1283sec fuel levelvoltage below normal or shorted low
1284sec fuel levelvoltage above normal or shorted high
1642injection actuation pressureerratic signal
1643injection actuation pressurevoltage above normal
1644injection actuation pressurevoltage below normal
1640injection actuation pressureexcessive pressure
16411injection actuation pressuresystem failure
1682ECM failuresupply voltage intermittent
1681ECM failuresupply voltage low
1680ECM failuresupply voltage high
1730exhaust temperaturederate for high exhaust temperature
17311exhaust temperaturederate for very high exhaust temperature
1864PTOPTO shutdown switch v oltage low
18614PTOPTO shutdown switch occurance
1900engine speedoverspeed warning
1902engine speedloos of data signal
19011engine speederratic signal
22411theft deterentactive signal
22414theft deterentactive signal when cranking
2312J1939 dataincorrect data fron J1939
23111J1939 dataJ1939 configuration
23112J1939 dataloss of data signal
23114J1939 datatransmission data link derate
23235 volt supplyvoltage above normal
23245 volt supplyvoltage below normal
2323sensor supplyvoltage above normal or shorted high
2324sensor supplyvoltage below normal or shorted low
24611brake pedal switch1switch not responding
24711brake pedal switch2switch not responding
25112injector power supplylow voltage for injector power supply
2512ECM failureigniton power lost to ecm
25211ECUincorrect engine software
2532ECUcustomer or system parameters
25314ECUOEM parameter not programmed
31114ATDactive regeneration inhibited due to low exhaust temperature
3143clean gas inductionCGI pressure sensor voltage above normal
3144clean gas inductionCGI pressure sensor voltage below normal
3152clean gas inductionCGI temp high
3153clean gas inductionCGI temp sensor voltage above normal
3154clean gas inductionCGI temp sensor voltage below normal
3160clean gas inductionCGI flow rate high
3163clean gas inductionCGI temp sensor voltage above normal
3164clean gas inductionCGI temp sensor voltage below normal
31611clean gas inductionCGI flow rate high
31614clean gas inductionCGI flow rate low
3175clean gas inductionCGI actuator shaft current below normal
3176clean gas inductionCGI actuator shaft current above normal
3240ATDATD differential pressure above limits
3200ATDATD filter temperature high
3201ATDATD filter temperature high
32011ATDATD filter temperature very high
3203ATDATD filter temperature sensor voltage above normal
3204ATDATD filter temperature sensor voltage below normal
32411ATDATD differntial pressure, high filter restriction
3243ATDATD differential pressure voltage above normal
3244ATDATD differential pressure voltage below normal
3242ATDATD differential pressure signal erratic
3241ATDATD differential pressure , filter restricted
3240ATDATD differential pressure above limits
3272ATDATD exhaust gas temperature 2 data drifted high
3273ATDATD exhaust gas temperature 2 voltage above normal
3274ATDATD exhaust gas temperature 2 voltage below normal
3323aftertreatment fuel pressure controlaftertreatment fuel pressure sensor voltage above normal
3324aftertreatment fuel pressure controlaftertreatment fuel pressure sensor voltage below normal
33211aftertreatment fuel pressure controlaftertreatment fuel presuure high
3335aftertreatment fuel pressure controlARD solenoid current abovenormal
3336aftertreatment fuel pressure controlARD solenoid current above normal
3345aftertreatment fuel actuatorARD solenoid current below normal
3346aftertreatment fuel actuatorARD solenoid current above normal
3355aftertreatment ignitionARD ignition current below normal
3356aftertreatment ignitionARD ignition current above normal
3363aftertreatment 2 fuel pressuresensor voltage above normal
3364aftertreatment 2 fuel pressuresensor voltage below normal
33611aftertreatment 2 fuel pressurefuel pressure high
3415aftertreatment purge air actuatorARD purge air current below normal
3416aftertreatment purge air actuatorARD purge air current above normal
3491aftertreatment purge air actuatorARD purge air pressure low
3497aftertreatment purge air actuatorARD purge pressure not responding
3505aftertreatment air pressure controlARD solenoid current below normal
3506aftertreatment air pressure controlARD solenoid current above normal
3507aftertreatment air pressure controlARD solenoid not responding
35611ATDARD failed to ignite
35711ATDARD loss of ignition
36011aftertreatment parked regen manually disabled
3733ATD secondary differntial pressuresensor voltage above normal
3734ATD secondary differntial pressuresensor voltage below normal