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Don't worry, you can still learn all about p5.js at p5js.org. Thanks for Watching Use the links below to find out more about p5.js.

What is the p5.js Web Editor The p5.js web editor is a essentially a web page where you can type code in p5.js and run the code to view the output. It allows us to code in and for the browser. The web editor has features that make it screen reader friendly. I think that get a compiled version of the web editor is a great idea to get an offline editor, who work exactly as the web editor. It can create an updated ecosystem of editors for p5.js. Please let me know if you decide to make the test to compile the web editor into an electron app!

TwistedWave is a browser-based audio editor. You only need a web browser to access it, and you can use it to record or edit any audio file. This video looks at how you develop p5.js sketches (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files) using any text editor. I demonstrate how to run a Python local server a.

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This video feature five different stunts performed by Cody Jacobson and Rachel Padua of Oregon Cheer! I used both Premiere and Lightroom to make this video, as well as a T5i from checkout, a GoPro from checkout, and three cell phones to capture my content. My goal here was to emphasize the difficulty and sheer awesomeness of a good stunt. Some problems I encountered was definitely scheduling conflicts, it was difficult to find a time that everyone could meet up. Another issue was having so many different sources of content, I had two cameras running automatically and two other people helping me capture video, so not all of the clips are framed or zoomed to the same levels. One final problem I encountered was the still images I added were wider that the video frame and stretches the whole thing out. However despite all of this I am excited with how the video turned out! I added some upbeat rock music and took pictures of the banners around the practice field we were on and touched them up in Lightroom before putting them in the video! I organized the clips from easiest stunt to hardest, culminating in a stunt neither of my stars had hit before on there own! I decided to add clips of them cheering because they were genuinely excited to hit a stunt like that! The stunts are, in order: Toss Extension, Pump Lib, Cupie, Toss Cupie, and a Full Up.

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By Tyler Nichols

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To learn how to run P5 mods, see this guide.
Black Mask Intruder MC
P5 Mod by 09HarryV
Become Black Mask Intruder as protagonist in the awesome JRPG game Persona 5! Save the world from its doom!! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/799560416874463232/803233028943773706/unknown.png https://mega.nz/file/6OQFDQCR#wbu3I-iXii7gnEOJWFDbqrltBd-GHPeO2KuyS67AbBY
Download Mod




E.P.I.C (Epic Partypanel In Color)
P5 Mod by Century_
This EPIC mod, changes the textures from the P5 partypanel to colorful version of the battle portraits.
Download Mod
Yoshizawa Over Haru
P5 Mod by DniweTamp
A mod that fully replaces Haru with Kasumi, including GUI stuff and every single model. Please read the readme.txt before building mod.cpk
Update 11/17/2021: - Aemulus compatible
-Renamed outfits
Download Mod Compendium .zip
Download (Aemulus Package)


Replaces almost all the music with music from various Sonic games.
Download Mod


P3D/P5D Kaleidoscopes for Persona 5
P5 Mod by Century_
Mods that replace the P5 Kaleidoscope texture for the border UI from the Persona 3/5 Dancing games.
Download Mod Compendium .zip
Download https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/792651125899132928/800396913324589097/P3D_P5D_Kaleidoscopes_Aemulus_Ver.7z
This Costume Replace Gekkoukan High outfit also poggers this is my first mod
Download Mod

Player Model

P5 Spanish Backport From Royal
P5 Mod by SeppNel
Backport of P5 Royal spanish language files to the P5
Download Mod
Big Personas Backport Mod
P5 Mod by Magatsu
Backports Personas from P5R and other games. Includes:
-The new Arcanas from Royal
- New Custom Personas
- New skills
- Royal Personas now in their original slots
Update 4:
- P3/P4/Scramble/SMT III/Imagine Personas/Demons
- Fixed some issues
- Added more skills
- Quick names fix
- And other many things
Download Mod
Download Required EBOOT Patch


Colorful Cutins
P5 Mod by AnotherNicholas
Adds each characters thematic color to the background of their own cutin portraits. Inspired by and based off of theflightofarobyn's video.
Download Mod
Catherine Font Mod for Persona 5
P5 Mod by Century_
Catherine font ported to P5 and P5R
Download Mod (P5)
Download Mod (P5R)
Joker's More Smug Idles
P5 Mod by Haalyle
Changed real world MC to have no hands in his pockets and changes Metaverse MC to stand straighter (and look more smug)
Download Mod
P5 Minecraft Skin Mod
P5 Mod by Pioziomgames
A mod replacing Joker with a minecraft character with the ability to change the skin.
Download Mod
Persona 5 Royal Red Morgana Bus Backport
P5 Mod by SimonFoxcoon
This turns the Morgana Bus red, so it might affect cutscenes. The mod is setup so that the royal decal is seperate from the bus itself. So you can use the mod to have a red Morgana Bus without the decal. To enable the decal, go to the entrance of Mementos and select the 'celebratory' decal. If you do not want the red bus, delete the c0100_051_01.GMD file in datamodelcharacter0100.
Download Mod


Originally Akechi had this grey/brown colour scheme but it was left as an unused texture in his model.
I have restored that and ran it through an AI upscaler so the texture isn't so bad. I also added a mask that fits the colour scheme since there was no brown mask texture.
Download Mod

Party Model


WIP Release of Vibing Noot Mod!
Normal Morgana Costume - Smiling Noot
Teddie Costume - Normal Noot
Aegis Costume - Yeehaw/Arthur Noot
Sheep Costume - Raidou Noot
Maid Costume - (WIP) Punished Noot
Custom WIP AOA
Overworld Morgana is colored to Noot colors with a Naoto hat, except for the Morgana cat models inside bag.
Guard and Tactics anim is replaced with Vibing Dance
Update 0.4 12/14/2020:
- Sans Noot
- Rise Noot
- School Girl Noot
- Mandolorian Noot (with Baby Yoda following her!)
- Bustups
- Catgana replacement
- Model Optimization
0.3 Update: Major Additions on this update
- File organization Overhaul
- Single Gap support (you can use Kasumi and see naoto vibe now, thank dniwe for that)
- Femmc Noot
- Akechi Noot
- Makoto (P3) Noot
- Kasumi Noot
- Battle idle is now vibin, she will always vibe now basically
There is now an 'extras' folder, inside this folder is models that have been removed
or alternate versions of current models that you may prefer, feel free
to use these over the ones currently there
Single Gap Patch is required
Download Mod
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