Outlook Honks And Mail Goes To Outbox In Outlook For Mac


  1. Outlook Honks And Mail Goes To Outbox In Outlook For Macbook Pro
  2. Outlook Honks And Mail Goes To Outbox In Outlook For Mac

We've tested this on both Outlook 2016 Windows and Mac and it only occurs on the Mac client. When a user has more than one Exchange account and when you try to send an email from other account, the email goes straight to the Outbox and won't send. I have office outlook 2007. I tried to send a 17mb email that won't leave the outbox. When I try to delet or move it to a folder I get a pop up that says outlook has already started sending it. It has read more.

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Surely the Outbox is a vestige from days when people weren't connected to the Internet all the time. Messages would sit there until you connected to the internet, and then they would be sent.
These days, messages are sent as soon as you .. err.. send them, so there's no longer a need for this limbo.

'Many of us are very particular about email delivery and want to know if we have messages waiting to go out.'
Isn't it more likely that many people assume their message has been sent, unless the Outbox appears?

Some people travel a lot, and find that the internet is actually not always available everywhere. In fact, it turns out that there are quite a lot of places where it's not. Furthermore, some people have things like corporate email servers which require them to be connected to a VPN to send email when offsite, which they are often not, whether because of lack of an internet connection or other issues. The problem is compounded by the fact that when you are frequently offline, Mail seems to do a somewhat bad job at actually sending things when you do come back online. Or so one might suspect, but it's hard to verify and even harder to report bugs when the outbox isn't visible to _show_ that you've got waiting outbound messages.

Outlook honks and mail goes to outbox in outlook for macs

There's also the case where you're using Mac Mail to access an Exchange server and your Exchange presence is down (this is the problem I had yesterday which left me looking for an Outbox to verify delivery.. or the lack thereof.. and is what prompted my solution.. yes, I'm the author of the hint). In this case, I had full internet connectivity, but the mail server was having problems and I needed to see the contents of the Outbox to know when things were working again, etc.

I have a corporate account that used to be like this in the old days. No VPN, no mail going out or coming. With time the corp IT changed and now we do not suffer the 'Outbox' issue.
The only times I really want to check my Outbox is when the mail does not go and that happens when there are problems and Mail shows me the box.
It is a nice to have option to show the outbox. I believe that Mail should have a setting to enable or disable it.

Rather than creating the bogus SMTP server couldn't I just take my Mac offline (turn off Airport and/or ethernet) and try to send an email using an existing server in order to get the Outbox to show? (I would try this myself but I already tried your hint and haven't figured how to remove the Outbox icon yet.)

I was able to do this more simply by: disconnect from broadband, send e-mail to self, Outbox appears and can be dragged into Favourites bar.
Remember to reconnect!

I didn't have to set a bogus smtp server, just turn of Airport (WiFi) on your computer or disconnect any ethernet cable or turn off any other way that you use to connect to internet. Send an email and automatically it will be sent to the Outbox that will appear, then just move it to the favorites bar.
It's a lot easier this way.
Thank you for the tip.

No, thank you.

Outlook Honks And Mail Goes To Outbox In Outlook For Mac

This is not working for me. I get the message that the server is offline, but no offer to send it later and no appearance of an Out mailbox.

I am returning to report that this morning the Outbox appeared when I opened the mail app. So I too now have one permanently!

Nice tip, thanks!

Jdk file download for mac. Great tip, extremely helpful.
Outbound mail seems to be a bit unreliable, so it's great to be easily able to see if there is anything stuck in the outbox.

Last updated: 1 March, 2018

Outlook Honks And Mail Goes To Outbox In Outlook For Macbook Pro

OutboxStop an email from being sent

When you're online and email works normally, you won't see the Outbox. The Outbox appears at the top of the sidebar only when messages are waiting to be sent.

Outlook Honks And Mail Goes To Outbox In Outlook For Mac

Tip: If you don't see the sidebar, click View > Sidebar.

Outlook honks and mail goes to outbox in outlook for macbook

If email continues to sit in your Outbox, you might be offline. To check, select the Tools tab, and move the slider to Online.

If you change your mind and don't want your message to be sent, you can cancel it while it's still in the inbox.

Outlook Honks And Mail Goes To Outbox In Outlook For Mac

  1. Select the Tools tab, and move the slider to Offline.

  2. If items are in the Outbox, you can edit or delete them.