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Outlook for mac calendar sharing issues 2019

I have an issue relating to calendar invites, sent from my iPhone to my wife's Outlook email address.

Relevant background info.:

she previously had an iPhone and used her Outlook account on that, but of course, she also had to create an iCloud account - even if it wasn't used.

After the phone died, she replaced it with an Android phone and set up her Outlook account on that device.


The problem is that when I now send her calendar invites from my iPhone (Outlook account), to her Outlook email address, although she receives the emails, when she clicks to accept the invitation into her calendar, it opens up the web browser and seems to be trying to add the invitation to iCloud!?

Now, having researched the problem, the solution seemed to be to log into her iCloud account and go to Calendar > Actions > Preferences > Advanced, then set Invitations.. Receive Event Notifications As=Email [email protected]

Outlook For Mac Calendar View

However, it doesn't work.

The field says: Use this option if your primary calendar is not iCloud.


The alternative is Receive Event Notifications As .. In-app Notifications, which I don't think would work, since she is now using Android.

So, it seems that her Outlook email account is somehow associated with her iCloud account.

How do I resolve the problem, so that she can accept my calendar invites?

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Outlook Calendar Sharing Tutorial


Do I need to deactivate the iCloud acount?

iPhone 6, iOS 11.2.6

Posted on Mar 27, 2018 6:03 AM