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I think MSI needs to get better in releasing driver updates for their notebooks to make them work optimally. Especially the driver for the new 'Thunderbolt 3' connections needs a critically update because 'Thunderbolt 3-Soundcards' like 'Universal Audios' 'Apollo Twin X Duo' and 'Apollo Twin X Quad' are not working to record audio through, when. Download and update MSI official website’s driver version Go to MSI official website, search your motherboard and download the driver For example: RTX 2070 GAMING Z 8G, input the product name on the top right search bar, press Enter. Note: Drivers should get installed after restarting the computer. If it does not, you would have to install the latest driver from manufacturer's website. Additionally, also f ollow the below link written by one of our MVP, Andre Da Costa, on Install and Update drivers in Windows 10.

Together we customers can make MSI realise that we want driver-updates for our notebooks by MSI and computers by MSI. We want all the new drivers for 'Prestige 14' and all the other notebooks from MSI to get updated now and in the future to come.

Normally, you will be told that it is of no necessity to update your MSI motherboard drivers. But, the truth is that your MSI motherboard may not boot or not detect GPU, SSD, SATA, etc. In these cases, there is much need for you to download the latest MSI motherboard drivers for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or even XP.

Now, in this post, you will gain the most effective and powerful ways to get the most recent drivers for MSI motherboard, such as MSI n1996 motherboard driver. For better understanding, you will first learn why you need to update this driver and how motherboard function for applications, like your games.

What is a Motherboard and What Does it do for your PC?

In short, the motherboard is a circuit board on your computer, and it is also called system board or mainboard.

Speaking of its functions, the motherboard plays a vital role in enabling the communications between all computer hardware like GPU, RAM and many others. Moreover, it also allows such components like GPU, hard drive, and the graphics card to receive power to run from the power supply. In this way, you can see, motherboard matters for a PC. Especially for games who feel like enjoying high-quality games, it is a must to make sure your MSI motherboard is in good condition with the right driver.

How to Update MSI Motherboard Drivers on Windows 10, 8, 7?

In terms of downloading the latest MSI driver for your motherboard, there are mainly two ways. You can choose the one suitable for your case. So either your MSI Motherboard driver is missing, corrupted or broken, or you simply wish to get it updated, follow up.


Method 1: Automatically Update MSI Motherboard Driver

Here is the case: you tried your best online and offline to find the motherboard driver, but to notice the MSI motherboard keeps not booting or not detecting the GPU, SSD, etc. More often than not, it implies you get the wrong driver. It is true that downloading motherboard driver can be troublesome and annoying as you have to ascertain your product model.

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On this occasion, it is strongly recommended to ask a professional and reliable driver tool for help. Here Driver Booster, the top one driver updater, can find, download, and install the right or the latest device driver for you automatically, including MSI motherboard driver. You can depend on it as what most users do now.

1. Download, install and run Driver Booster.

2. Click Scan. You can observe that Driver Booster is searching for the missing, corrupted or broken drivers carefully.

3. In the search result, find out MSI Motherboard driver and Update it automatically. You can also choose Update Now to update all the drivers.

Driver Booster is able to locate Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP MSI motherboard drivers for you. And then install it automatically. Hence, you will notice that you have installed the latest MSI g45, z87-g45gaming, MSI audio, Ethernet, or 553 motherboard drivers easily and quickly. Start your game to see if it brings improved GPU, RAM performance.

Msi network card driver

Method 2: Manually Update Drivers for MSI Motherboard

Or, of course, it is also up to you whether to navigate to MSI official site to search, download, and install the MSI motherboard drivers for Windows 10 on your own. For users with computer skills and knowledge, it is worth a shot to install MSI drivers by yourself.

But the challenge lies in that you need to know exactly what your MSI motherboard model is on your computer. Only in this way can you download the right MSI driver for your motherboard.

1. Go to MSI Support.

2. Find out and hit Motherboard. Here you can see other MSI products like MSI graphics card, MSI desktop, monitor, etc.

3. Search or Find your product. Task MSI Z170 Gaming M3 Motherboard as an example.

If you know what your product model is, you can search it directly, such as ASRock H370M Pro4 Micro ATX Motherboard, MSI Z170A Gaming M5 ATX Motherboard, and MSI Z270 M5 ATX Motherboard.

4. Click the Download icon to get the driver.

All the available drivers will come up.

Msi Driver Updater

Install the MSI drivers step by step.

For now, you will have updated MSI gaming, audio, and other motherboard drivers. Nevertheless, most clients may have no clue about the MSI motherboard model, therefore, in a large sense, you would better turn to Method 1 to download the driver automatically and accurately.

In summary, hope you can find the quickest and the most useful way to update MSI motherboard driver for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.
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Msi driver update bios
System Updates
Windows (all)

Live Update 6 supports the following MSI product lines and items:

  • Mainboards
    • Drivers
    • BIOS
    • Utilities
  • Graphics Cards
    • Drivers
    • BIOS


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  1. After installation and launch Live Update, you will see the main page of Live Update - [Home]. System information will be displayed in this page, includes the last scan date, and attention required items numbers.
  2. At [Live Update] page, there are two ways to scan update items, includes [Manual], and [Automatic Scan]. Choose [Automatic Scan], system will automatically scan all the items and search for the latest update files. Or you can choose [Manual] and select the items you wish to scan.
  3. After the scan is finished, please refer to the underneath column for search result. Uninstalled items and items with newer version will be listed in this area. Please click the icon for item information and icon to download and install. Or, you can select the items you wish to install, and click the [Download] button to download.
  4. At [History] page, you will see the download history record. Click the icon to see detail information.
  5. At [Setting] page, you can set a proper time for Live Update reminder in order to keep your system in the updated environment. The default frequency is every month. Live Update reminder will remind you to do system scan and update according to your frequency setting. Click the [Apply] button to save the settings, or the [Default] button to load to the default configuration.
  6. Live Update 5 Reminder will automatically pop up at the reminding time. Choose [Yes] or [No] to do update. Choose [Remind me later] or [Never remind me] for the reminder setting.
  7. At [About] page, you can see [msi website], [msi Online Customer service] website link, also the Live Update 5 version.

BIOS Flash Instruction:

  1. Choose the [download and install] icon to download the MB BIOS. The MSISetup will automatically start up after download. Click the [Next] button at the following page.
  2. There are two ways to flash BIOS. Default setting is [In Windows mode], and click [Next] to finish BIOS update.
  3. Choose [In Dos mode (USB)], and click [Next]. Then BIOS will be downloaded to USB pen drive.
  4. Insert the USB disk to make USB boot disk, then choose the target drive from the drop down list.
  5. After click the [Next] button, the system will pop up to ask “All data on drive will be lost, are you sure?” Choose [OK] to continue, or [Cancel] to cancel the process.
  6. After click the [OK] button, the system will start to do the USB boot disk. The processing time will depends on the size of the USB disk. For a USB disk with 4GB will take around 1 minute. A pop up message “USB bootable disk has been created successfully!!” will show up when finish.
  7. Click [Start] to restart the computer. Click [Cancel] to cancel the restart. Click [Back] to go back to the previous step
  8. After restart, please set the computer to boot from USB. When the computer restarts from USB, please follow the instruction to update BIOS.
  9. There are two ways to flash BIOS. Choose [In Windows mode], and click [Next].

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