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MIDI Monitor is a utility for Mac OS X which displays MIDI signals in a variety of formats. It can watch both incoming and outgoing MIDI streams, and can filter them by message type and channel. See real-time CPU, network, or disk status in the Dock. It’s easy to keep an eye on your system status without even looking at the Activity Monitor window—you can monitor your CPU, network, or disk usage as a live graph right in the Dock. On my Macbook Pro with Retina display running Mountain Lion 10.8.2, Net monitor 4.7.2 run fine but with one bug. When I drag net Monitor on to the Dock, the icon won't show up as it should be. Net Monitor appear as a blank space with app name on the Dock. Only when I start Net Monitor the icon on the doc would appear. Temp Monitor is an tool which will show you all available sensors in your Mac, alert you when your Mac overheats, and the utility to help you log all instances when the processor goes beyond a temperature which might be dangerous for both your Mac and yourself, if you're using a MacBook or MacBook Pro. Utilities folder contain extra tools for mac like terminal, Disk Utility, Bootcamp assistant, Activity Monitor etc. You can navigate to the Utilities folder via Applications - Utilities folder. Apple also created 2 quick methods to go to the utilities folder. Use Finder to go to the Utilities Folder.

Your computer is equipped with a lot of sensors so that the system can keep an eye on the health of the hardware. macOS has a built-in system monitoring utility called Activity Monitor, which may be unfamiliar to most casual Mac users. And even fewer understand how to properly use Activity Monitor to manage memory usage, fix slow apps, and troubleshoot various many other issues.

Activity Monitor's advantage over all third party Mac monitoring apps is its ability to inspect and even kill a process that requires too many hardware resources. This is something no third party app has the permission to do, despite having access to all the sensor information data and displaying it in an easy-to-read design.

Download CleanMyMac X from MacPaw’s website and clean up to 500MB of junk data from your computer while enjoying all the features of the software without major limitations.

iStat Menus

Available as a separate purchase or via Setapp, Bjango's iStat Menus is one of the best Mac monitoring apps available. You may already be familiar with the iStat Pro widget from the same developer, which displays the same data in the dashboard. One of the best things about iStat Menus is that there is a quick view for the essential data right in the menu bar. If you want more data and visuals, just click on the desired item. Customize the data by turning on the monitoring only for what you want it to keep an eye on. That's a nice advantage over the competing apps, even Bjango's own iStat widget which only displays all the information in one window.

iStat Menus, however, lets you monitor only the CPU, GPU, memory, disks, network, sensors, battery, power, time, or any combinations of these. Bjango's iStat Menus can be trialed for 14 days for free, but after that you'll need to purchase a license for $18 or upgrade for $9.99 if you already happen to own version 3 or 4. The Family Pack allows iStat Menus to be used on up to five Macs within the same household.


TG Pro

Short for Temperature Gauge Pro, this tool could become a Mac monitoring utility that you become attached to. While iStat Menus only displays information, TG Pro goes one step further and offers an option to control your Mac's fans, along with offering an overview of the sensor data that macOS gives access to. That's a very important feature if you want the computer to deliver optimal performance. In addition, TG Pro offers a color-coded visual explanation of what is happening with the computer's internals: green means that you can relax, orange that the hardware is approaching its limits, and red represents that it is very close to the thermal limit.

What TG Pro does is provide control over the fan speed to cool down your Mac's hardware, which is especially useful on hot summer days when Macs tend to overheat. This Mac monitoring app will display quick temperature info in the menu bar, but to gain access to all the information available you’ll need to either click on the TG Pro item to see a quick overview of the data or launch the app and get visual information for the targeted segment. While the TG Pro trial gives 10 days of free testing, it unfortunately limits the data it displays and therefore pushes users to purchase a license for $18.

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Available as an open-source system monitor for Macs, XRG allows you to monitor CPU and GPU activity, memory usage, battery status, machine temperature, network activity, disk I/O, current weather, and stock market data. Just like the iStat Pro widget, it gives users a helpful overview of what is happening on your Mac, peppered with some handy visuals. In terms of the graphical user interface, XRG’s cannot be compared to that of iStat Menus or TG Pro but if you want a free app to have access to such data then XRG is a good option to choose.

Any one of these above apps will be useful to you if you are looking to optimize your Mac's performance. They each allow you to see – at a glance – the resource hogs that can be eliminated as well as all the data that your Mac’s sensors are collecting. That, combined with the use of Mac optimization apps such as CleanMyMac, CCleaner or MacKeeper, will create a computer that works optimally to perform all the tasks it is given.

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Temp Monitor is an tool which will show you all available sensors in your Mac, alert you when your Mac overheats, and the utility to help you log all instances when the processor goes beyond a temperature which might be dangerous for both your Mac and yourself, if you're using a MacBook or MacBook Pro

Monitor Utility For Mac

Monitor Utility For Mac Catalina

Main features:
  • Support for customizable overheat temperature - Temp Monitor is a macOS application specifically designed to watch a Mac processor's temperature very closely and display it in the menu bar in the form of a text- and icon-based status item. More precisely, Temp Monitor runs in the background and will let you know when the CPU's temperature reaches dangerous levels.
  • Notification Center integration and automatic logging of all overheat alerts
  • Furthermore, the Temp Monitor utility displays audio and visual notifications via macOS' Notification Center feature, and they are by default set to be alerts which will not go away until manually dismissed, an excellent idea for when you are away from your Mac and the CPU temperature goes above the safe threshold.
  • Support all available sensors in your Mac - You can view the name, description, current value, min/max value, status and even a history graph of all available sensors in your Mac included temperature, voltage, current and power sensors
  • View the speeds of every fan in your Mac - You can view the current speed, minimum and maximum speed (rotations per minute) of every fan in your Mac
  • Support multiple languages - English, French, German, Vietnamese