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The Matrix Screensaver. 20 years old and still the best! This is the latest version of the Matrix Screensaver emulating the introduction to the movie and the code. Created because of the offical screensaver is completely awful. Ten years old and still the best. In fact, now even better! Download MatrixMania Screensaver - Get the falling code effect from The Matrix using this screensaver that lets you configure settings related to speed, density and other aspects. Free 'Matrix' ScreenSaver v.1.0 Try Free Matrix ScreenSaver that truly captivates the spirit of The Matrix movie. This is the code displayed on Tanks screen in the movie 'The Matrix'. Free Download 100% CLEAN report malware A smart screen saver animation with green symbols that flow from the top of your desktop, similarly to the operating systems from the movie Matrix.

Fans of The Matrix Trilogy can download this screensaver, and they can enjoy one of the classic effects from the film on their computer every day.

Released in 2009, The Matrix starred Keanu Reeves as Thomas A. Anderson, a computer programmer working for a major corporation. After learning of the matrix, he tracks down Trinity, a hacker and rebel, to learn the truth about his world. He discovers that machines won over man and that most humans now live inside the matrix with machines secretly controlling their every movement Anderson later learns that he's actually Neo, the one who will stop the machines from controlling the world. The sci-fi film became one of the highest rated science-fiction films of all time and inspired two sequels and an animated film. Few people know that Will Smith actually turned down the role of Neo and that Reeves won the role over Johnny Depp.

This screensaver features the green dripping letters and the black background seen in the film. In one of the film's most iconic scenes, Neo sits in front of his computer screen and sees green digital effects slowly transforming into a message just for him. With this screensaver running on your computer, you can have fun recreating some of your favorite scenes from the film or just pretending that you're trapped inside the matrix too.

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Modern computers come with a hibernation mode that turns your computer off or puts it to sleep after several minutes of inactivity. This saves your battery and keeps your computer from overheating. When you download and use The Matrix screensaver, you may find that your battery doesn't last nearly as long as you would like and that your computer feels hot to the touch when you turn it on. The screensaver may also take a few seconds to turn off and leave your computer running slower too. You may need to make some adjustments in your computer settings to determine when it comes on and when your computer enters hibernation mode.

Fans of The Matrix and its sequels will love using this screensaver though. Not only can it make you feel like a teenager again, but you'll also love seeing the amazing graphics every time you turn on your computer.

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  • Recreates one of the most iconic scenes from the film
  • Automatically comes on when you do not use your computer for several minutes
  • Can adjust when the screensaver comes on
  • Features vibrant bright green digital images on a black background
  • Turns your computer into one of the machines from The Matrix


  • Takes up a lot of hard drive space
  • You need to adjust your computer settings to use the screensaver
  • May cause your computer to run slower
  • Some users experience a lag when turning the screensaver off
  • Is just a screensaver and does not come with anything else
by Hiroshi on October 6th, 2009

I am huge fan of only three movies. One is Matrix (Others are ‘Lord of Rings’ and ‘Harry Potter’). If you ask me about TV shows, I would recommend you ‘Prison Break‘ and ‘Friends‘. Here I am recommending you Matrix screen Savers for your Operating System. Files are tested free and spyware-free. You can download matrix screen savers for Windows, Linux and MAC. For Windows, if the file is SCR, copy it to Windows directory. If its exe then just install it and browse screen saver window to customize its settings.

Matrix Screen Savers for Windows

Download The Matrix Screen Saver [239 kb]


Download The Matrix KS Screen Saver [1.60 mb]

Download The Matrix Code Emulator Screen Saver [323 kb]

Matrix Screen Saver for MAC

Matrix Saver

Matrix Screensaver Mac Free Download

MatrixSaver is a screen saver for Mac OS X that replicates the screen effects of the motion picture The Matrix. MatrixSaver is the only Matrix-style screen saver that is fully compatible with Wallsaver, allowing users to display the screen saver as their desktop wallpaper.

Download MatrixSaver [389 kb]


A simple screen saver for Mac OS X which displays the same messages Neo received on his computer screen when first contacted by Morpheus. This is a VERY simple screen saver, with a very subtle Matrix theme.

Free Mac Screensaver Downloads

Download WakeUpNeo [70.9 kb]

Matrix Screen Saver for Linux

Mac Screensaver Download

Matrix GL is a three-dimensional screensaver based on “The Matrix Reloaded. For running it you need a graphics card with an OpenGL support.


  • Unpack the tar.gz file and place files in temporary directory
  • Run the console with root privileges and run matrix_gl with “install” option: ./matrix_gl -install
  • In “Control Centre” choose “Look and feel”->”Screensaver” and set the Matrix GL
  • Matrix GL requires freely distributable library Glut.

Matrix Screensaver Mac free download. software

Download Matrix GL [261 kb]

Matrix Rain is a screensaver for GNOME and KDE, featuring the famous Matrix code. Matrix Rain can capture a video from your web-camera and display video like the “matrix-style” in real time.

Download tar.gz [28.20 KB]
Debian/Ubuntu DEB ALL (for GNOME) [32.80 KB]
Debian/Ubuntu DEB ALL (for KDE 3.5) [33.50 KB]

Matrix Screensaver Mac Free Download Windows 7

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