Mac Iodbc Driver For Myysql 5.6.39


MySQL Connector/ODBC can be used as an ODBC database driver on multiple platforms, such as Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. By installing the MySQL Connector/ODBC driver you will be able to connect to any MySQL databases using the ODBC interface. This article walks through creating a DSN for MySQL data in iODBC and accessing MySQL data in Microsoft Excel, all on a machine running Mac OS X. Installing the CData ODBC Drivers on Mac OS X. The CData ODBC Driver for MySQL is preconfigured for the iODBC driver manager, as are many other products like Microsoft Excel.

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You are my HERO!
I have been trying to do this for a while. I had done the OpenLink ODBC install and was going bonkers trying to figure it out. Guess I was always looking in the wrong spot! Many thanks.

Were you able to update your MySQL database directly from FM Pro?
Using MS Access and an ODBC driver, I can update a MySQL database using Access' standard graphical interface. I can't seem to do this with FM Pro.

You might want to indicate that these are not free.. unless I am missing something..
drivers ship with a fully-functioning 30-day trial license
which the name 'opensource' doesn't really reflect. I guess I am used to 'opensoure' as without cost. This also requires an email registration to receive the file.
I have been able to both import and update remote MySQL data with Filemaker 6 and the OpenLink driver (using a 30-day demo). That's the good news -- it does indeed perform queries and retirn (import) the results. The bad news (from my point of view) is that, aside from the fact that the driver is not free (as someone else pointed out), the FM interface for this is pretty clunky, even if you script the query (3 or 4 dialog boxes each time to ok the data source, user login, and query). And you can't create forms that will allow you to work easily with the data on the server. It has to be imported into a FileMaker file first. We're working on porting Rekall over to OS X; if it works, it will be a *much* better solution than FM.
Actual Technologies also makes a commercial ODBC driver for MySQL for Mac OS X that works with FileMaker Pro 6 or later. It has an installer, a DSN setup assistant, on-line help, and connection diagnostic tool.
Instructions for configuring FMP to work with the driver can be found in the FAQ. A free, non-expiring evaluation version is available for download (no registration required). The price for the full version is $30.
Jonathan Monroe
Actual Technologies - ODBC for OS X
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. A free, non-expiring evaluation version is available for download (no registration required).

Install Mysql Odbc Driver


Except that the driver only allows the first three rows to be imported until you register.

Well it works on windows. It should work on Mac OS X too. I havent tried this but
there is a MyODBC driver section for Mac OS X :
and some instructions :

Hi, I think the mySQL 4.0.21from ServerLogistics is working originally (for OS X 10.3), but I just post it here in case someone is getting stuck because I had to do some tricks to it.
- Download Complete MySQL 4.0.21 from Install mySQL and ODBC package.
- You can use ODBC Administrator included with OSX to add driver/dsn, but you will have to edit odbc.ini manually anyway. ODBC Admin doesn't change it correctly.
- if it's a user dsn, then edit file: /Users/username/Library/ODBC/odbc.ini; if you use system dsn, then the file odbc.ini is in /Library/ODBC/
- Refer to odbc.ini guideline from:
- Test your odbc driver using odbctest command in Terminal, make sure it works.
- If you can connect to your dsn using odbctest, but cannot see it in FileMaker or Excel, move the file 'ODBC Driver Manager' out of the folder /Library/CFMSupport. (This took me a week to figure out until I try on a clean machine. This file normally is not there.)
Here is my odbc.ini:
[ODBC Data Sources]
testmyodbc = MyODBC Driver
Driver = /Library/MyODBC/lib/libmyodbc3-3.51.06.bundle
Description = Test MyODBC driver
Database = test
Trace = 0
TraceAutoStop = 0
TraceFile =
TraceLibrary =
Command to test in terminal:
odbctest --> ? --> dsn=testmyodbc

A powerful, native Java driver that converts JDBC calls into the network protocol used by the MySQL database

MySQL Connector/J was developed as a tool to help the developers working with Java in order to create applets and tools that interact with MySQL.


MySQL Connector/J provides a full-featured JDBC driver that comes with complete support for the MySQL capabilities.

On top of that, the driver comes with complete support for streaming result sets, enabling you to easily retrieve a great number of rows without the need for a large memory buffer.

MySQL Connector/J includes getGeneratedKeys, which allows its users to easily retrieve auto-increment fields in a way that's not database specific.

Mac Iodbc Driver For Mysql 5.6.39

Installing the MySQL Connector/J driver is relatively easy, you just have to place the jar file on your classpath by specifying it with the “-cp” feature from the command-line. Gopro best video editing software for mac.

Download Odbc Driver For Mysql

MySQL Connector/J is developed using the Java programming language and can be run on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

System requirements

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New in MySQL Connector/J 5.1.40:
  • A very old workaround for Bug#36326 (fixed in release 5.1.32) has been removed, so Connector/J can now use local transaction states when the MySQL server has query cache enabled. (Bug #19974685)
  • Added support for the error codes of two MySQL server errors, ER_XA_RBTIMEOUT and ER_XA_RBDEADLOCK. (Bug #13702433, Bug #64188)
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MySQL Connector/J 5.1.41 / 6.0.5 M4

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Mac Iodbc Driver For Myysql 5.6.39

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