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Flight Sim World or FSW as it became know as was the latest flight simulator package released by Dovetail Games. Flight Sim World's core was based on existing FSX code but it had been brought up to date with heavy modification and rewriting (and of course many new features and functions). FS2002/FS2004 Lockheed P-3B Orion, Armada Argentina Complete with Base Model. If you like flight simulators and you like military aircraft then you definitely want to check out this file. This download contains the Lockheed P-3 Orion aircraft. The file is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and is freely available for download.

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Gerrish's Trees Library for FS2000/2 Release 3 - Updated Version FS2000 & FS2002 Scenery / Scenery Design. This is my complete Trees Object Library, updated and re-issued as a single package. (Not to be confused with my series of Autogen tree replacements for improving the default trees in the FS2002 landscape, see the separate downloads GTL_AGEN.ZIP, MSTREES.ZIP, and MSTREES2.ZIP). The package includes the Trees Library file itself and all required textures, with simple instructions for use with any sceneries, old or new, that state that they need 'Gerrish's Trees Library'. The textures come in two versions: the original set designed for FS2000/2 and an updated set for use with FS2002 only. F secure freedome vpn review.

Also included is a revised version of the SDK for scenery designers for the creation of sceneries incorporating these high-quality trees. The library provides 20 different styles of tree (including deciduous types, conifers, and a couple of palms), each available in a range of shapes and with various patterns of seasonal behaviour for use in different parts of the world, giving a total of 1600 variations, each of which can be used at any desired size, from a 1-2m high bush to giant, 100m tall, forest firs. The 24 different API macros in the SDK allow the trees to be placed either as individual specimens or in various realistic groupings. 3.2MB

This is a utility that randomly generates UK and European flights for FS2004 and then updates the simulator so you can read the information without having to exit. The program will select a departure airport if you wish and give you the option of choosing between European or UK only flights. All aircraft, take-off times and visibility distances are generated at random, but allowances have been made to ensure large aircraft will not be allowed to operate in small airports, and carrier borne aircraft only are designated to aircraftcarriers. A dropdown menu displaying the two digit ID start codes of all European countries is included.
Updated with fixes. The new ChartMap_ver4 is a program completely rebuilding with a new graphics power and a new database. Now is possible to use the PDF format for every kind of charts. You can everywhere download it. The important thing is to use the conventional letter below in this tutorial (vds restrictions). Differences with the previous version: This is a new program. ChartMap_ver4 is a small 'stand-alone' Windows utility for Flight Simulators allowing a number of airport charts to be stored and available on screen whilst still flying. In This zip file I inserted all the Italian Airport Charts and Procedures.
Get the ICAO code of an airport. This version correct a bug of the version 2_0. Now there is the possibility to find another code or airport without have to close the 'box' and start again each time.
Adding Smoke Effects to FS2004 Scenery - An Illustrated Tutorial. This Tutorial will show you, step by step, how to add smoke effects to scenery objects such as factory smokestacks, chimneys on houses and even the stacks on static ships. No programming knowledge is required. Please unzip to a temporary folder and follow the instructions. If I can do it, anyone can do it. Compiled in DOC and PDF formats for your flying enjoyment by David 'Opa' Marshall.
Differences among the version 1.0 and the version 2.0 The vers.2.0 differ from the version 1.0 for the possibility of work in reverse mode. You can choice among icao2airport and airport2icao. It is possible to find the Airport Name from the Icao Code and It is possible to find the Icao Code from the Airport Name. THE LAST iCAO CODE IN ICAO2AIRPORT IS THE F.I.R. (FLIGHT INFORMATION REGION) WHERE IS THE AIRPORT.
((LINK)) FS2004 - Sim Traffic 2006 V1.0 Beta - Repack Edition Patch
FuelUp! Fuel and ETE(time enroute) calculator for Microsoft Flight Simulator By Dmitry Stepin aka Bravo.
FSX/FS2004 'Snapshot' Screenshot Utility. v4 Take screenshots of FS2004/X With just a push of 1 button on your keyboard (Print Screen) and SnapShot does the rest! You don't even have to pause FS. Just press PrintScreen while in game, and SnapShot automatically saves each numbered screenshot to your chosen directory. v1.4 - Also works on Windows Vista aswell as Windows XP and others!Requires .Net Framework to be installed. (here). 1.2K

((link)) Fs2004 - Sim Traffic 2006 V1.0 Beta - Repack Edition Patch 9.16

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FS2000-FS2004 Descent Calculator Version 2 Simple calculator to find the rate of decent to a to start descending. By Shayne Bouda. 1.5MB

((link)) Fs2004 - Sim Traffic 2006 V1.0 Beta - Repack Edition Patch 1.3

((LINK)) FS2004 - Sim Traffic 2006 V1.0 Beta - Repack Edition Patch

((link)) Fs2004 - Sim Traffic 2006 V1.0 Beta - Repack Edition Patch Notes

FS2004 AutoLand Gauges Version 2.1. Provides full hands-off autoland capability for all airliners. Simple installation. By Martyn Becker, adapted and amended from original XML programming by Nick Pike. 198K

((link)) Fs2004 - Sim Traffic 2006 V1.0 Beta - Repack Edition Patch Notes

FS2004 Delete Default AI Traffic Utility. This handy little tool will prevent the fictional default aircraft in FS2004 from flying as AI Traffic – so you can be sure that 100% of your traffic is realistic. All you have to do is run the program, choose which Drive FS2004 is installed on and click the button,and it will delete the traffic file, so the Default FS2004 Aircraft won’t fly as AI Traffic. By StageSoft. 24K