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Use the Server Assistant application to install or set up Mac OS X Server on a remote computer.Server Assistant is primarily used for the set up of Xserve systems without an attached display. Server Preferences and Server Status widget The Server Preferences application and Server Status widget are for remote administration and monitoring of. Follow the on-screen instructions and click OK, and do not remove the Setup CD-ROM during restarting. The installation resumes from where it left off when your computer has been restarted. Mac OS 9, Mac OS X Classic environments, or Mac OS X v.10.3.8 or earlier are not supported. Recover Erased Files after Reinstalling Mac OS. A lot of times, users are not able to maintain the backup of their data and end up losing their important files during the macOS reinstallation. If you have also lost your data on Mac due to this, then don't worry – simply take the assistance of Recoverit Mac Data Recovery software.

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Most of the people in the world have Windows based machine. I also have the same. I am using Windows for about 15 years and I got bored with the same.

Run as admin mac

Then I thought of using Mac but those are pretty expensive out here. So I was thinking if we can install Windows on any custom build hardware then why can’t OS X? Then I searched about it on internet a lot and I do found a way to do same too but problem is that all the guides of installing OS X on PC are done with the help of Mac. So if I had Mac then why would install it on anything other.

I have gathered information from various guides and tutorials at internet and prepared an easy and simple method to install OS X on Windows PC without the help of Mac. So follow the guide below if you want to create a hackintosh system.

Loading programs automatically upon startup is a very convenient function, especially if the user knows exactly the list of applications that he needs regularly every day. When you turn on your PC that works on Mac OS, whether it’s a MacBook or a desktop computer, you can configure a set of programs that will start automatically. An easy tool to change startup programs. If you still have problems with startup items running automatically, and they can’t be disabled through the app settings or System Preferences, then an excellent option is to try the free App Cleaner & Uninstaller software. This allows you can manage the startup apps, including problematic launch agents and launch daemons that can be. What apps start at boot.

Note: All the processes can even damage your hardware so be careful and do it on your own risk. Installing Mac OS X on other hardware is against company’s policy unless you bought a retail DVD for the same.


Before we start installing OS X in your PC you need following stuff without which it is impossible to do so.

Install Software Without Admin Mac Os High Sierra


If you want to install OS X on your PC then you need to have compatible hardware too because this makes the difference in this guide. If you are going to buy a whole new hardware or you want to check whether your hardware is compatible or not then check out this link. It has detailed guide for the same.


You need to buy OS X retail DVD and a blank rewriteable CD.


Mac os x install software without admin password

As you have the required stuff we will now begin with the guide.

Install software without admin access

Boot Disk

First of all you need to create Boot disk or USB Drive which will allow you to install OS X into a DVD or a USB drive directly. To create the image, use any software available on internet such as the free Unibeast. The Mac program will modify the official OS X installer and then install it on a USB drive. Then you will use the USB drive to run on a PC.

Change Admin Mac

Configure your Bios

Now you need to configure Bios of your system. Enter the Bios setup of your machine. Now you need to alter setting of three categories as shown in picture below.

First head over to Advanced Bios Feature, in that choose first boot option to CDROM. Then in Integrated peripherals, switch the SATA and On-board SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode to AHCI mode. Now in Power management Setup, make HPET mode to 64-Bit.

Install OS X

  • First of all insert the boot USB drive which we created above.
  • As soon as you see this screen, eject the USB drive.
  • Now you can start following instructions and install Mac OS X.
  • If you succeed then language selection option appears. So select the preferred language.
  • Now you we see partition option, click on Utilities then Disk Utility and select your required Drive and click on partition.
  • Give a name to the drive and choose Mac OS Extended as format option.

Mac Os Tools

  • Then you will see “options” click on that and select GUID Partition Table and click on OK.
Install software without admin mac os catalina

Boot Loader installation

Now when you will boot your system you will see an error for sure. So insert Boot USB drive which we created above and restart the system. Now you see the option with the same name you gave above. Select that and press enter.

Now after the first setup just go to Safari and download tool named Multibeast. Save it as “DSDT.aml”

Launch Multibeast and do the required settings. It will be different for each system as you will have different hardware for sure. After the whole process, eject Boot USB drive and restart the system. And it’s done.

Now you can enjoy Mac OS X on your Windows PC. So which things you did first after installing Mac OS X. Do tell us in comments below.

Mac Os X Install Software Without Admin Password

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