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How to extend your Mac's desktop with a Chromecast and AirParrot 2 When you're away from home, Chromecast lets you shed some of the bulk you'd get with an Apple TV. The second-generation model is. Google Chrome allows for the casting of an entire browser tab to your Chromecast device. To Cast a Chrome Browser Tab to Your Chromecast. Open Google Chrome. Navigate to the content you wish to cast to your Chromecast. Click the Chromecast extension. Select your Chromecast device from the list of available devices.

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As of 2018, more than 30 million households in the U.S. had “cut the cord” on their pay TV subscriptions, and around three million ditched cable in that year alone. In other words, smart TVs and other streaming devices are only going to get more popular.

Google’s Chromecast, thanks to its flexibility — allowing you to watch the likes of YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu, as well as “cast” photos, slideshows, video calls, and much more — is among the most popular devices for people looking at how to connect Mac to TV.

While Chromecast lacks one-click interface on the same intuitive level as Apple TV, it really isn’t difficult to set up your Mac for casting. In addition to covering that, this article presents some of the different ways to get the best performance possible when using Chromecast for Mac.

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How To Use Chromecast On Mac

Your initial Chromecast setup on Mac shouldn’t take more than about 10 minutes as long as everything goes smoothly. Once that’s all done you can start having some fun with the device.

Assuming that you already have your Chromecast plugged into an HDMI port on the back of your TV and powered up using a USB port or the power cube included in the box, proceed to the following steps you need to take:

  1. Open Chrome on your Mac and visit
  2. You’ll be prompted to download Google Home for iPhone/iPad from the App Store or Android from the Google Play Store
  3. As long as your Chromecast is plugged in, it will automatically appear in the Google Home app when you open it up
  4. Make sure your device is connected to the WiFi network you want Chromecast to use and follow the steps to pair it

Your Chromecast device can now be used by any Mac, Android phone, or iPhone/iPad connected to that WiFi network. This is a far cry from setting up using a computer, something that’s now no longer possible, which used to involve downloading a Chromecast extension for Mac and entering codes to pair the device properly.

Using Chromecast on Mac effectively

Now that your Chromecast is connected, it’s easy to mirror your Mac’s screen on your TV. In the past you needed to download a Chromecast extension for Chrome before you could do this but now, as long as you’re using an up-to-date version of Chrome, you don’t need to add anything else in order to use Chromecast on MacBook.

In Chrome, just select View ➙ Cast (or use the three vertical dots to the right of the toolbar to select Cast from there) and choose from the Sources dropdown whether you want to broadcast:

  1. The tab you have open

  2. Your desktop

  3. A particular file

If you’re viewing a media file on your laptop, say via YouTube, then you may see a box with three lines (that look like the WiFi symbol rotated 45 degrees clockwise) that will say Play on TV when you hover over it. You can also access the Cast menu from here.

But why bother searching for Cast options if you can mirror anything you play on your Mac to Chromecast from one spot — JustStream app. It’s the best streaming tool for Mac out there, working with Apple TV, Chromecast, and all types of DLNA-certified TVs. Here’s how to streamline your Chromecast experience with JustStream:

  1. Click on the JustStream icon in your menu bar

  2. See connected devices and select Chromecast

  3. Click Start streaming.

That’s it. JustStream works with virtually all video formats so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. And thanks to 4K and HD support, you always get the best quality possible. Plus, JustStream allows you to add subtitles and even customize encoding, colors, and fonts if you like.

Now you officially know how to Chromecast from Mac.

Optimizing Chromecast playback on Mac

For most Mac users, a trickier issue than how to use Chromecast on Mac is making sure that their laptop or desktop is functioning in such a way that allows for smooth and seamless playback.

Two common issues when streaming from Chromecast to Mac include poor audio and video that jumps and stutters or plays in low quality. Most problems like these boil down to one (or more) of three causes:

  1. Lack of RAM or processing power on your Mac

  2. Weak or underperforming internet connection

  3. Hardware limitations or configurations

Using Chromecast from Mac places additional demands on your machine that can be challenging for laptops or desktops that are older and full of clutter. Try using an app like CleanMyMac X, which scans your Mac with a single click to search for issues with your hard disk, malware, and unnecessary apps.

Still looking at video that’s blocky or jumping? It could be a problem with your WiFi. For this, WiFi Explorer is a useful app that acts as a one-stop shop for monitoring, analyzing, and troubleshooting your WiFi network. Just open up the app and it’ll automatically provide feedback on the network your Mac is currently connected to.

Just a glance at the real-time scan of networks in the area should quickly and easily reveal if something like signal strength or overcrowded WiFi channels might be to blame for the issues. If that’s the case, you may want to try a wired connection or moving your router from its current location.

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Solving Chromecast audio issues on Mac

You can have the crispest video quality in the world but, if the audio isn’t up to scratch, you won’t get the immersive experience that you’re looking for. Unless you have a soundbar, most flat screen TVs put out quiet and tinny audio. In some cases, you may be better off using headphones or even your Mac’s built-in speakers.

Unfortunately, by default, the sound put out by Macs can also be a bit lacking due to volume limitations or incorrect equalizer setup. Luckily, there’s an app out there called Boom 3D that allows you to unlock the true potential of your Mac’s audio output.

In addition to enabling virtual 3D surround sound on built-in speakers or headphones, which is a pretty cool piece of patent-pending tech in and of itself, it comes with a palette of equalizer presets (that can be manually tweaked) for different genres.

You can also boost the volume capability of your Mac way beyond the system default and, if you’re worried about accidentally blaring Spotify in the middle of a meeting, set custom volume adjustments for individual apps.

Mac Display Monitor

Volume discrepancy between different hardware providers is pretty common, as anyone who has almost deafened themselves when switching inputs on their TV will be able to attest to, and it’s great to know you’ll no longer need to turn the volume on your TV set way up or down when you’re casting from your Mac.

Streaming devices like Apple TV and Google Chromecast on Mac have enabled an entire generation to move away from cable TV in favor of individual streaming apps that they can pick and choose from. And because there’s no need to download an additional Chromecast app for Mac or anything like that, the process of getting started is usually very straightforward.

As innovative and modern as that idea is, the whole thing can be derailed by audio or video problems. These, however, can be easily resolved with a couple of additional apps.

It’s difficult to know exactly what the future of media streaming holds, but two things are for sure:

  1. Available picture and sound quality will continue to improve

  2. More streaming services (e.g. Disney Plus) will appear

What do both of these have in common? They’ll likely place additional demands on your internet connection and your hardware. With that in mind, it makes sense to improve the performance of both as much as you possibly can.

Fortunately, JustStream, CleanMyMac X, Boom 3D, and WiFi Explorer mentioned above are available for a free trial on Setapp, a platform of more than 200 Mac and iOS apps designed to optimize every aspect of your digital life. So what are you watching tonight?

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If you had any notion until now that casting Mac to TV is a difficult or rather impossible process, it is not. You can easily cast the content you are playing on your Mac to your desired device using Chromecast for Mac. In this blog, we’ll outline all the necessary steps you need to make that happen.

But, first thing’s first, let’s have a look at some prior requirements –

Some Prerequisites That You Should Keep In Mind

1. Here are the things you will need to cast video, audio or any content for that matter from your Mac to TV or any desired device –

  • Google Chromecast
  • MacBook or iMac
  • The device on which you want to cast content. For e.g. – A TV or another monitor
  • Chrome browser for Mac
  • An active Wi-Fi connection

2. Plug the USB cable into your Chromecast. The USB power cable comes bundled with your Chromecast.

3. Next, plug the Google Chromecast into your TV via an open HDMI port on your TV

4. Plug the power supply into an outlet

5. You will now see a welcome screen on your TV. Note the number that appears on the screen

6. Now, download the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet (Android, iOS)

7. It is important that your Bluetooth is turned on

8. Choose your Google account and then click on Home. Your app will now look for devices

9. Choose the device with the same number and confirm it

10. Select your Wi-Fi network


That’s it! Your Smart TV and smartphone (Android or iOS) are now on the same Wi-Fi network. Let’s kick it up a notch and see how you cast your Mac on your Smart TV.

Writer’s Note: We Want You To Be Safe

We are sure that once you know how to use Chromecast for Mac, you would want to cast your favorite movies and shows on your TV. This will certainly eat up your Mac’s resources. So, how about optimizing it for the best experience.

You can always bank upon a cleanup and optimization tool like Smart Mac Care which cleans up the smallest spec of junk on your Mac. And, not just that it even stops the entry of any Malware that can creep in when you have an array of devices to cast your favorite content on.

How To Use Smart Mac Care –

Using Smart Mac care is as easy as 1-2-3 :

1. Download Smart Mac Care

Install Chromecast Extension

2. Install Smart Mac Care

3. Click on the Scan button

4. You can also click on the Fix All Items button

Smart Mac Care – Features At A Glance

  • Junk cleaning – Easily get rid of cache, log and other junk and free up storage space
  • Malware Scan – Remove any impending threats which can harm your Mac
  • Privacy Scan – Eliminate privacy traces from all browsers on your Mac
  • See when the last scan was performed

Cast Mac To TV Using Chromecast For Mac

It is important to note that you only need to have your Mac on the same Wi-Fi network as your TV (the steps doing that are already mentioned above). Here’s how you can cast your Mac to the TV using Chromecast for Mac –

1. Open Chrome on Mac. We know, that you might be a safari fan but Chrome too indeed, is one of the best browsers on Mac.

2. Browse the Window that you wish to cast from your Mac to the TV. It could be any form of content – videos, music, slideshows, presentations, and much more

Microsoft mac photo editor. 3. Click on the three vertical dot menu on the right side of the screen and then click on Cast

4. Now, you will be prompted to select a device to cast on. It could be your TV or monitor. You’ll be able to see the name of these devices by clicking on the Source dropdown

5. Choose Remote screen to cast the content in fullscreen

6. You can control the playback of the content you are casting through your Mac’s screen using the Play, Pause, Forward and Back buttons that you will see on your screen

How To Mac Display Extension For Chromecast Windows 10

7. When you are done watching, click on the Stop button, somewhere at the bottom right and your Chromecast will be released

Wrapping Up

You have probably mirrored content from your Android or iOS device on your TV, now is the time to cast your Mac to TV and enjoy the same experience. Do let us know if the blog has proved to be helpful and if you were able to successfully use Chromecast for Mac to cast content on your TV. For more such tech-related content, keep reading Tweak Library.

Install Chromecast Extension For Windows 10

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