How To Add Shared Calendars In O365 To Outlook 2016 For Mac


This page provides information on how to perform a variety of calendar functions using Outlook 2016 for Mac. This page includes links to Microsoft’s documentation on how to use the calendar function of Outlook 2016 for Mac. The second section provides a link and description of Outlook 2016 for Mac training videos available at

This document shows how a user can add a shared mailbox in their Outlook 2016 Mac computer. Step 1: Open up your Outlook 365 and click on File to access more file options. Windows Outlook 2016. Click Calendar Icon in lower left corner; In the left side bar Right Click the calendar you want to share, then click Properties.; Click the Permissions tab; Click Add to add permissions for a new user, or click the name of the existing user in the list to change their current permissions.; Either select a predefined set of permissions from the Permissions Level pull down. At the bottom of the navigation bar, click Calendar. On the Organize tab, click Open Shared Calendar. Note: If the Open Shared Calendar or Calendar Permissions buttons are unavailable, you might need to change one of your settings. See You cannot open a shared calendar in Outlook 2016 for Mac. As a member, they can add and view events in the shared group calendar. To view the shared group calendar, members will need to select the group calendar in the Calendar tab. Managing a shared calendar group. After the shared group calendar has been created, you can edit the group at any time. Edit the group to: Add and remove users; Change.

Outlook 2016 for Mac Calendar Documentation

This section provides links to Microsoft’s step-by-step instructions on performing a variety of basic and advanced tasks using the Office 365 calendar on Outlook 2016. Rs232 software download.

Create Shared Calendar Outlook 2016

NOTE: If a room or resource you need to schedule is missing from the Office 365 calendar, you may request that this room or resource be added by sending an email to [email protected]

Outlook 2016 for Mac Calendar Videos

There are video tutorials on the calendar function of Outlook 2013 available at

How To Add Shared Calendars In O365 To Outlook 2016 For Mac Os


You will need to log into, using your USC username and password, in order to gain access to these videos. To log in, go to and click the Log in to button.

Section 7 of Outlook 2016 for Mac Essential Training covers the following calendar topics:

  • Navigating the calendar
  • Changing the way the calendar looks
  • Creating an appointment and an all-day event
  • Creating a meeting
  • Chairing a meeting
  • Responding to a meeting invitation
  • Opening other calendars
  • Printing the calendar
  • Creating additional calendars
  • Setting calendar and weather preferences

Microsoft also provides a video tutorial on sharing and publishing your Office 365 calendar using the Outlook Web App and Outlook 2016:

How To Add Shared Calendars In O365 To Outlook 2016 For Macs

Getting Help

How To Share A Calendar On Outlook

For additional assistance with the Office 365 calendar, please contact the ITS Customer Support Center.