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PILOTQ: Can the HoverCam Pilot connect to any interactive flat panel, projector, or display?
A: Yes, the Pilot can connect to any IFPD, projector, display or output monitor that has an HDMI input
Q: How does the Pilot transmit audio to the connected IFPD?
A: Audio is transmitted via wireless HDMI from the Pilot’s antenna to the HoverCast receiver, which connects via HDMI to the panel. The audio signal is carried over the HDMI signal. If not connected wireless, you can connect a traditional HDMI cable from the Pilot to your IFPD. In addition, the Pilot has a 3.5mm auxiliary audio out jack.
Q: Can external speakers be connected to the Pilot?
A: Yes. The Pilot has a 3.5mm auxiliary audio out jack that can connect to output speakers.
Q: May I purchase a HoverCam Pilot separately from HoverCam CenterStage, or are they always bundled together?
A: Yes. Both products can be purchased separately.
Q: What software comes with HoverCam Pilot?
A: The HoverCam Pilot runs a Windows 10 operating system, and comes standard with Windows 10-native software. Extra programs, software and apps can be downloaded onto your Pilot just as they would a desktop PC.
Q: What is the HoverCast?
A: The HoverCast is the wireless HDMI antenna/receiver combination sold with the HoverCam Pilot that allows for wireless HDMI connection to any interactive flat panel, monitor, or display with an HDMI input. The HoverCast does not interfere with wifi signals, Bluetooth signals, or other wireless communications.
Q: Will HoverCast interfere with other Bluetooth and wi-fi devices?
A: No. The HoverCast technology does not interfere with Bluetooth or wi-fi.
Q: How does the Pilot/CenterStage combination compare to other flat panels and similar products?
A: To compare HoverCam CenterStage and Pilot to comparable competitors, see our panel comparison chart: http://www.thehovercam.com/panel-comparison/
Q: How many Pilots and HoverCasts can I have in the same room? Will they interfere with each other?
A: Each Pilot has a 1:1 connection with it’s HDMI receiver (HoverCast) and will not interfere with other HoverCast signals. There can be multiple signals in the same room.
Q: What is the warranty on my Pilot?
A: Pilots have a standard 1-year warranty, upgradable to 3 or 5-year. To upgrade your warranty, contact [email protected]
Q: Will my Mac work with my Pilot?
A: The HoverCam Pilot operates on its own operating system and does not need to be tethered to a computer. However, the Pilot can connect to an external computer via HDMI or USB to serve as a secondary display.
Q: What is the range of the Pilot and HoverCast wireless HDMI?
A: The Pilot’s HoverCast wireless HDMI is tested at up to 30ft of range.
Q: Can the Pilot be upgraded (i.e. more memory, bigger hard drive, software, etc)?
A: Yes. The many of the main components of the Pilot (RAM, hard drive, software, etc.) are removable and upgradable. For specific upgrade information, contact HoverCam support at [email protected].
Q: Can I use my own microphone and speakers with the Pilot?
A: Yes. The Pilot has auxiliary and microphone inputs.
Q: Can I connect multiple HDMI outputs with 1 Pilot?
A: Yes. To use multiple HDMI outputs with 1 Pilot, use an HDMI splitter to share the HDMI connection to the displays.
Q: Is it easy to set up a HoverCam Pilot?
A: Yes. The Pilot disassembles into three parts (the wheel base, the support tower, and the touch panel). Assembly is quick and only requires screws, a basic Phillips-head screw driver and an Allen wrench. A video tutorial for Pilot assembly can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C79-0XaYtKA
Q: Is a Windows 10 license included in the purchase of a HoverCam Pilot?
A: No. Although the Pilot runs a Windows 10 OS, a unique license is not included.
Q: How do I set up wireless USB touch from my existing IFPD to my HoverCam Pilot?
A: To enable USB touch, connect the HoverCast to your desired IFPD unit, and insert a USB-to-USB cable from the Pilot to the USB Touch port on the desired IFPD.
Q: Can the Pilot be custom re-imaged?
A: Yes. The Pilot has an Ethernet port for imaging.
Q: Is the Pilot height adjustable?
A: Yes. The HoverCam Pilot operates on a motorized stand and can be adjusted from 34” to 46”.
Q: How can I connect my laptop to the Pilot?
A: Users can manually connect a laptop to the Pilot via an HDMI cable. Connect the laptop via the HDMI 1 or 2 port, then switch the input to the corresponding connection. Launch the pre-installed HDMI Viewer software. The user’s laptop should now be mirrored onto the main screen of the Pilot. Alternatively, Pilot units come pre-installed with mirroring software Reflector 2, to remotely mirror external user devices.
Q: What devices can I connect using Reflector 2 mirroring?
A: Users can connect iOS devices, Android devices, laptops, Chromebooks, and more to mirror directly to the Pilot. To connect using Reflector 2, make sure both the Pilot and desired device are connected to the same wireless network. Once both are connected, open the Reflector 2 software and search for enabled devices. Select your desired device (or devices) to establish mirroring to the Pilot.

The HoverCam range of visualisers, the Solo 8 and Ultra 8, are state of the art document cameras that are also multifunctional visualisers, unlike Elmo, Avervision, Genee and Epson visualisers. With Scanning, full HD video at 30 frames per second, and 8 megapixel sensors, both the Ultra 8 and Solo 8 document cameras surpass the likes of Lumens. Trusted Windows (PC) download HoverCam Flex 3.01.40. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get HoverCam Flex alternative downloads. Version Download 22771 Total Views 11510 Stock ∞ File Size 27.79 MB File Type Create Date July 11, 2017 Last Updated March 18, 2019 Download.

1/4 📥 Download Links ⚙ Requirements. MINIMUM: OS: XP or later. Processor: 2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon. Memory: 1GB of RAM. Video Card: 1 GB. Fnaf 1 mega pc.

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  1. Trusted Windows (PC) download HoverCam Flex 3.01.40. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get HoverCam Flex alternative downloads.
  2. It was originally introduced to Mac users in Mac OS 9. A Windows version has been available since the introduction of iTunes 7. Hovercam flex software download.