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The main advantage of playing high limit slots online is that online casinos can offer better pay back percentages for their machines than land based casinos. Every slot machine online doesn’t offer a higher pay back percentage than the ones in your local casino, but many do. Its serves a specific purpose in providers high limit slot machine players with current casino reviews and lots of bonus promotions not available on most of our competitor’s websites. These big time gamblers.

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Many players focus on penny and nickel slots because they think they can win a big pay out from a small bet. But rarely can you find a machine that has a minimum total bet per spin of less than .25. Many penny machines have minimum wagers of $1.00 to $2.00 when you activate all of the pay lines and bet maximum coins.

But not everyone is looking for games they can play for pennies. Many people are looking for high limit slots. Slot machines for high rollers were introduced in high roller rooms in places like Las Vegas, but online casinos realized that many of these gamblers wanted to play online.

Now you can find plenty of online high limit slots. We cover everything you need to know about high limit slot machines below.

What Are High Limit Slots?

High limit slots have a different definition depending on who you ask. Some players consider any machine that has a bet per spin of $5 or more a high limit slot, while others think a $100 per spin machine is for low rollers.

It doesn’t matter what your definition is of a high limit slot machine. You can find machines that meet your expectations in land based casinos and online.

If you want to ply at higher limits than the ones offered at your favorite online casino, contact the support department and ask if they can offer a higher limit. If you have a long track record of play at the highest levels they offer, you might be able to get them to offer higher maximum wagers.

Advantages of Online High Limit Slots Play

The main advantage of playing high limit slots online is that online casinos can offer better pay back percentages for their machines than land based casinos. Every slot machine online doesn’t offer a higher pay back percentage than the ones in your local casino, but many do.

An online casino doesn’t have as much overhead as a land based casino, so they don’t have to make as much per game as your local casino.

The other advantages include not being forced to travel to find the slots games you want to play and having a wide variety of options. When you play online slots you have a choice of literally thousands of machines.

When you play in a land based casino they may offer over a thousand slot machines, but many of them are the same. Online casinos have more machines and many offer machines developed by different software companies in one place.

High Limit Slot Machines

Where Can You Find High Limit Slots?

It used to be that if you wanted to find a high limit slot machine you had to travel to a land based casino in one of the large gambling areas like Las Vegas. But now you can play high limit slots offered by many online software platforms.

Almost every online casino has multiple slot machines offering bets of $5 to $10 per spin, and many have machines that accept bets from $100 to $1,000 per spin. You can even find special bonuses designed specifically for high roller slot players at many online casinos.

Each of our slot machine reviews lists the maximum bet per spin, so you can quickly see if a machine meets your needs. Here’s an example:

Wings of the Phoenix by Konami has a maximum bet per spin of 225 € £ $. The reviews also list the coin value range, number of pay lines, and maximum number of coins per line. You can quickly determine the minimum and maximum wagers available by looking at these numbers when reading the reviews.

High Limit Slot Machines Tips

Bankroll Considerations for High Limit Slots

It’s easy to figure out how much money you need to play high limit slots. In order to determine how big your bankroll needs to be to play slots you need to know the following things:

  • How much you bet per spin
  • How many spins you take per hour
  • How many hours you want to play
  • The house edge for the slot machine you’re playing

You won’t always know the house edge for the slot machine you’re playing so you can use an estimated edge. If you can find the details about the slot machine it usually is stated as a payback percentage. To get the house edge, you subtract the payback percentage from 100%.

If you don’t know the house edge, we suggest using 5% and 10%. This gives you a safe range that includes the house edge of most popular slot machines.

To calculate your bankroll needs use the following formula:

Amount you bet per spin times the number of spins you take per hour times how many hours you want to play times the house edge.

Here’s an example:

If you bet $10 per spin and take 300 spins per hour and want to play for 10 hours on a machine that you don’t know the house edge on here’s the calculation:

Using a 10% house edge:

$10 X 300 X 10 X 10% = $3,000

Using a 5% house edge:

High limit slot machine jackpots

$10 X 300 X 10 X 5% = $1,500

High limit slot machines odds

When you bet $10 per spin at 300 spins per hour you’re wagering $3,000 per hour. Your loss or win rate will vary every time you play. These calculations provide your expected loss on average. In other words, if you play long enough using these numbers, these are the average results you can expect.

In this example, you should expect to lose between $150 and $300 per hour on average.

Here’s an example using a known house edge:

You bet $100 per spin and take 200 spins per hour on a machine with a 3.5% house edge. You want to play for five hours.

$100 X 200 X 5 X 3.5% = $3,500

High Limit Slot Machines

Notice that the equation has four parts. Changing any of the four parts changes your expected loss. If you want to be able to play longer on the same bankroll you can play for less per spin, play fewer spins per hour, or find a machine that offers a lower house edge. Or you can combine two or three of these things to extend your bankroll more.

One place where many slots players hurt their ability to play longer is taking too many spins per hour. It’s possible on some machines to take as many as 400 to 600 spins per hour. But you don’t have to play as fast as the machine will let you.

Slots designed for high rollers offer the chance at hitting huge pay outs, but can also quickly diminish your bankroll. Depending on your definition of high limit slots, you can find many slot machines available online that have maximum bets per spin of $100 or more.

What Is A High Limit Slot Machine And How To Use A High Limit Strategy?

These are video slot machines actually, so there is no difference in regards to rules. You are still spinning the reels and trying to place the same symbols next to each other on a pay line. However, there are two main distinctive features of these games (if you would like to know more about the distinctive features and bonus rounds of games come check out our Online Casino Games Guide):

  • Their betting limits are much higher. Slot machines are divided into two main categories: Low limit and high limit. Penny slots fall into the first category, which means you can play them with the lowest wager possible, i.e. a penny. High limit games, on the other hand, require larger wagers to play, as the name suggests. For example, spinning the reels once may cost as high as 25 USD on these games. The actual minimum limit will be different on each game, but you get the idea: These games require a much larger budget.
  • They pay much more. The payout tables of these games are tied to the wager amounts. In other words, the higher your wager is, the higher the payment will be. Nobody wants to spend 25 USD per spin and get a reward of 10 USD in return, right? High limit slots pay better– in fact, their paytable starts with hundreds of dollars. In some ways, they are similar to jackpot machines, because they can pay nearly as much as those.
  • I want to start by saying that in order to successfully apply a strategy for high limits slots you need to have a bankroll that allows you to run big round bets

However, you should know that high limit games are not literal jackpot machines. Some of them may not even have a jackpot prize. But they all will offer very high payouts even for simple slot combinations. They are still video slots but they pay bigger – simple as that.

Exist Any Difference Between High Limit Slots Strategy and Normal Slots?

Black and white lionhead download. The answer to “how to apply a functional strategy for high limit slots” question is the most looked up by high limit slots players. I start with saying that the difference between high stakes and normal stakes slots games it’s not soo big, what I want to underline is that they are played by the same rules. If you have played a slot machine before, no matter which category it belongs to, you are ready for high limit games too. Spin the reels, land the same symbols next to each other, and claim a cash prize. Your wagers are higher because you can win a lot more on these games.


Best Online Casinos Where You Can Use A High Limit Slots Strategy

High Limit Slot Machines


High Limit Casino Slots

These high roller games can’t be found at almost any online casino. You have to be sure before you choose to play at the high roller casinos that they are completely fair, legit and safe. Our team of i-Gaming specialists with over 10 years of gaming experience in the back has made the research for you and made below a recommendation list for best places for playing at high limit slots.