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Here's some basic info on setting up a server for Co-Op.

To start a server, simply click PLAY COOP from the main menu, put in a username, and hit HOST GAME.

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Joining someone else's game? Input their external/public IP into the Server IP field. You can find your external IP by going to Google and typing in 'IP'

In order for a server to work properly, you'll need to be sure port 7777 is forwarded. This allows the game to send data back and forth without it getting intercepted by your router's firewall.

Need help with port forwarding?

Need help on setting up a Static IP?

I'd also recommend checking out Tunngle if you're having trouble with port-forwarding, as it's a widely used VPN service for allowing people to game together.

If you're sure your ports are forwarded and you're still having trouble with people connecting, try disabling your antivirus completely to determine if it is overriding your router settings and blocking traffic. ALWAYS BE CAREFUL with disabling AV software, and be sure to re-enable it when you're finished troubleshooting.

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Graveyard Shift is a #spooky FPS with unique game mechanics and a mise-en-scène that mixes both toonish and horror elements together! Yes, we did it.

You are fighting against restless ghosts and liches. They revolt, because too many graves are dug in the graveyard, whose keeper is you. Your purpose is to re-kill the undead! Your only friends are mushrooms, those you use to make mushroom bombs.


Your ammo is elemental mushrooms, there are 5 different elements of mushrooms those you collect from the ground. You create bombs with those elemental mushrooms (2 Fire, 1 Water, for example) using number keys 1 to 5. Your enemies also have elements; enemy's element and the elements of your mushroom-bomb determine the damage you deal. For example, you deal more damage to a Fire ghost if you prepare a bomb with Water mushrooms.

There are 2 types of enemies: Normal ghosts and liches. Normal ghosts are melee attackers, they use claws. Whereas, liches throw you stones and they are much stronger than normal ghosts.

Game modes

We have 2 game modes: Waved and Survival. You fight against 10 waves of enemies in the first. Survival lasts as long as you are alive.


There are 4 power-ups: Shield, Slow Time, Magnet, Infinite Mushrooms.

Graveyard Shift 2 Game

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorAhmet Kamil Keleş
TagsCute, First-Person, FPS, Ghosts, Halloween, Horror, Singleplayer, Spooky, Survival Horror


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Development log

  • Important bug fix & Linux support
    Aug 10, 2020

Mr Jones Graveyard Shift


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