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1965 Allis-Chalmers Gleaner E Combine Harvester

The Gleaner E was a self-propelled combine harvester manufactured by the Gleaner Manufacturing Company while part of the Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company in the 1960s. 17,300 machines were manufactured in total from 1962 to 1969.

These harvesters utilized a 65 hp (49 kW) 226 cubic inch (3.7 Litre) 4-cylindergasoline powered internal combustion engine.

  1. GLEANER COMBINE OEM PART # GLEANER C62 COMBINE Cont. Evaporator-Serial No. 27551 and Below 71371349 N/A Serial No. 28001 and Above 71373126 N/A Expansion Valve-Block Type, All Serial Numbers 71373127 EX03700 Receiver Drier-O’Ring 7136 Switch-Blower 71380935 N/A High Pressure 7253 Low Pressure 71372724 N/A Thermostat.
  2. Report to Moderator. I am looking at buying an older Gleaner 'A' Model combine. The machine serial number is: A38360. What is the year? I am also interested in knowing if the 'A' series compares in size with the newer series 'K' or others.

2009 GLEANER, A86 Harvesters - Combines, 620/70R38 Duals, LTM, Chaff Spreader, 2 Years Interest Free!, Serial Number: HUC8107. Kuhns Equipment LLC - Website Arthur, IL - 121 mi.

In 1969 the Gleaner E was replaced by the Gleaner K which was nearly identical to the E III model but powered by a larger 250 cu in (4.1 Litre) General Motors 6-cylinder gasoline engine. An Allis Chalmers four cylinder diesel engine was offered as optional equipment on later K2 models after 1976. Gleaner K models were produced by Allis Chalmers until 1982 and remain popular with small scale farmers in the United States due to their simplicity, ease of maintenance, and their small size compared to modern harvesters. They are also widely used by agricultural researchers to harvest small test plots because unlike larger harvesters they can easily be transported between plots on a flatbed trailer towed by a heavy duty pickup truck.

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Gleaner Combine Serial Numbers

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