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The actual developer of this software for Mac is Mojang. Minecraft for Mac is included in Games. Our antivirus check shows that this Mac download is malware free.

  1. Download Game Developer 1.1 for Mac from our website for free. The most popular version among the application users is 1.1. Game Developer can be installed on Mac OS X 10.7 or later. The program is categorized as Developer Tools. The actual developer of this free software for Mac is AppGeneration.
  2. Xojo makes cross-platform development easy and affordable. Compiling apps for Windows, macOS and Linux with just one set of source code is fantastic. Choosing Xojo was our best software development decision! - Fred Roller, FW Roller & Associates.

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Unity is simply a cross-platform game engine. Its development is done by Unity technologies. It now supports close to 25 platforms.

Unity is written in C++ (runtime) and C# (Unity Scripting API) programming languages.

Unity was first introduced in 2005 with the aim of making game development more accessible to developers.

Developers, today, can make good use of Unity in developing three-dimensional, two-dimensional, virtual reality, and augmented reality games.

They may even decide to further use it for simulations and other experiences.


How many Integrated Development Environments do you know can be used in creating games with Unity? This article will be exclusively talking about 12 Best Unity IDE you can use to ease your game development.

1. Visual Studio Code

VS Code is a lightweight, cross-platform editor. It is pretty cool for “wrapped” web-based applications. It comes with many related Unity plugins to help you relate better.


  • Integrated debugging
  • Integrated terminal
  • It is very powerful and fast
  • It supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux

2. Project Rider

Project Rider is also similar to the VS Code in terms of it being a cross-platform.

Although it has a trial version but the developer didn’t make free to you. Students are allowed to use it without obtaining commercially.


  • It can run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
  • It recreates the original source code for any .net library
  • It supports multiple runtime
  • It executes rapidly and it’s one of the best IDEs you can lay your hands-on

3. Visual Studio

Visual Studio is known as one of the most feature-rich IDEs around us today. This IDE is developed by Microsoft.


  • It runs on Windows and Mac OS
  • It supports languages like C, Java, Ruby, and Python
  • Cloud storage
  • Git integration

4. Atom

Choosing Atom as an IDE for Unity means you have chosen an IDE that is easy to install and simple to use. Its execution is rapid. Velocity xbox 360 mac download.


  • It is a Cross-platform IDE: Windows, Mac OS, and Linux
  • It is highly customizable
  • It comes with a package manager and an extensive list of packages

5. MonoDevelop

MonoDevelop is free to be downloaded and used by all but it has been deprecated since 2018.


  • It supports Windows and Mac OS
  • It is no longer supported

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6. Emacs

Emacs is a cross-platform, multilingual editor. Emacs is among the family of text editors that are known for their extensibility.


  • It supports Auto Complete
  • It is highly customizable
  • It supports the integration of source control
  • Emacs does bracket highlighting

7. Vim

Vim is free and opensource software.

It supports a lot of plugins to extend its functionality. Using Vim, you don’t memorize any key combinations before you can perform tasks on it – Vim is designed to be mnemonic.



  • Cross-platform
  • Highly extensible
  • Keyboard-based, mouse-free interface

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8. Consulo

Consulo is based on Jet Brains IntelliJ IDE. It is one of the best IDEs for Unity developments. Consulo supports the refactoring of Class/ Variable Names.


  • Unity Integration
  • It supports programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Python, Php, and many more!
  • It runs well on more than one platform

9. VSCodium

VSCodium is simply an open-source version of the Virtual Studio Code without telemetry. It is also exactly the same as VS Code but there is a difference in the fact that it doesn’t track users’ usage data.


  • It is just a clone of the famous Visual Studio Code editor developed by Microsoft
  • Git Integration
  • Cross-platform
  • IntelliSense and smart code completion

10. Eclipse

Eclipse is an Integrated Development Environment that supports more than one programming language. For the customization of its environment, it comprises a base workspace and an extensible plugin system.


  • Free and open source
  • Good font rendering
  • Its customization is easily done
  • It supports lots of extensions

11. Xcode

App Game Development Software

Xcode, developed by Apple, is simply an Integrated Development Environment exclusively for Mac OS.


  • Xcode is aimed at developing software for macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS
  • Freeware with open-source components

12. SharpDevelop

SharpDevelop (#Develop) can be best described as a discontinued free and open-source Integrated Development Environment for the .NET Framework, Mono, Gtk# and Glade# platforms.


  • Free and Lightweight
  • Git Integration
  • It is completely written in C# programming language


Any game developer that is in love with Unity will find the well-explained IDEs in this article useful. Each of their distinct characteristics and descriptions is well written in a way to assist readers while going through them.

Just by looking at the exceptional products of the gaming industry on Pascal Gamer, it is easy to conclude and imagine just how arduous their journey to success may have been. Game Development is no easy task and this is especially true for giant companies that tend to provide their own tools for game developing. However, this isn't the case for smaller companies or others who would love to focus on the development itself rather than providing their own tools. For this, there are some game development tools that rose to the occasion and has proven themselves to be great tools for any individual developer or small development companies.

There are lots of AAA games today that have captured general public with their immersive plots and outstanding graphics. Unreal Engine has been one of the best tools used by different developers for such games and when the Unreal Engine 4 has made its debut, the brand has become more popular than ever. This is more especially true with their top subscription that has a monthly payment of only $19, but of course, with a share in revenue of the company of about 5%. Though the Unreal Engine only works with C++ language, you don't have to worry as it has a variety of features that will make your game development endeavor a lot easier such as their tutorials and guides that helps you with its nodes.

If you're looking for something more versatile and flexible, you'll also fall in love with Unity easily. Unity is initially built for 3D Game Development, but later on, 2D editing has also been added to it. This kind of availability is definitely unique for game development tools and this makes it easier for developers to create varieties of game. Not to mention, this tool supports multiple game development languages such as Boo, Unity Script which is basically an upgraded form of Javascript built with different annotations, and C#. Out of the three, C# is widely used by developers today. Also, there's a free version of the Unity Engine with a Pro Version with more complete tools and features. The presence of these two choices allows developers to use what's better fit for their company, which just proves just how great Unity is.

These are just two of the most outstanding and widely used game development tools today that will help you produce games for pc, for mac and even consoles and mobile games. These software are truly at the top of the industry and whether you're an individual developer, a small company or a big one, you'll surely love to use these tools.