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As for IDS software, the license is for 3 days and users are told to install software freezing to enable you to use it for longer, what it means and how to do?

General explanation on 3 days license and how to do:

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  • Section 1: How to install Ford VCM 2 IDS V91 – up to V96. Insert V91 Ford VCM II CD into your computer. Open the file and copy and paste “DFSTD” and “DFSTD KEY” to the desktop. Double click “ids-91.01full”. Select language and click “Next”. Select “I accept” and click “Next”.

An IDS software license is required to use IDS scantool software with a VCM (Motorcraft) or VCM-II (Rotunda) When a user purchases an IDS Software License, they will receive a 20-digit licensing activation key. The will need to activate IDS using the “Activate a License” feature within the IDS application. Activation for Ford IDS of latest version ford ids ford ids subscription ford ids software license ford ids software crack ford ids software, free download ford ids scan tool for sale ford ids vcm ford ids software hack ford ids uk. Languages: My Account. Orders; Comparison list; Wish list. Ford IDS software Genuine License 12 Months.

The story goes that with every install of ids you have so many days trial period to test it.

The hackers would make a patch to bypass the date registry so it never got requested.

Latest patch is v86.xx after that there are no patches, so v9.xx installs but gives 3 days evaluation (used to be 5 days on v7/v8.xx.

So now we have to somehow reverse the date 3 days.

Standard install will know that you’ve rolled back the date so won’t work unless you can completely remove the registry entries or reinstall windows (but who wants to do that eh 😕 ) so now they’ve invented a freeze program that you install first which basically allows you to roll back the date every 2/3 days and run ids again. The other option is to install vmware which can freeze and restore ids when you use it (like a restore point but no registry entries for rollback)

But you don’t need vmware if you install the freeze program correctly.


Step-by-step instruction on how to install V81 and freeze program correctly

For the beginner, I list the step-by-step instruction on how to install V81 and freeze program correctly

Section 1: How to install Ford VCM 2 IDS V91 – up to V96

Insert V91 Ford VCM II CD into your computer.

Open the file and copy and paste “DFSTD” and “DFSTD KEY” to the desktop.

Double click “ids-91.01_full”.

Select language and click “Next”.

Click “Yes”.

Click “Next”.

Select “I accept” and click “Next”.

Click Next to install the software on Disk C.

Click “Reboot”.

Select “Non-Dealer” as Dealer Type and “MADAGASCAR” as Country and then click “Tick” icon.

A window “IDS Software – Computer Date Synchronization” will pop up, click “Continue”.

Then you will get a window saying your computer will expire in 3 days. If there is no expire message, it indicates your installation failed and cannot be reinstalled. Therefore, please strictly follow this video.

Section 2: How to install IDS V81 calibration files

Take out V91 CD and insert V81 IDS CD.

2018 mac mini for sale. Open the file and double click “VCMDVD”.

Click “Calibration” to install calibration file.

Click “Next”.

Click “Next”.

Click “Install”.

Click “Finish”

Click “Exit”.

Check if its device has established communication with the car by check “ETAS VCI USB RNDIS DEVICE” in device manager.

Check if there is VCM network in “Network Connections”.

If the VCM network is disconnected, open “Windows Firewall” and select “Off”.

If the network is still disconnected, select “Start” – “All programs” – “Bosch” – “VCI software” – “VCI Manager”.

Open “VCM Manager” and Click “Repair USB”.

Click “OK”.

The network is now connected.

Double click “IDS”.

Click “Tick” icon.

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Then the upgrade will start automatically.

Click “Tick” icon at the bottom right when the upgrade is finished.

Go to “User Preferences”, click “Computer” icon and check hardware and software version under “VCM II”.

Select “Start new session” and click “All other” to establish communication to the car.

Select “Module Programming”.

Section 3: How to install Freeze Software

Very important note: the Freeze software should be installed within 3 days after the V91 IDS is installed. Otherwise, the Freeze software will not be installed anymore.

Open “DFStd”.


Click “Next”.

Select “I accept” and click “Next”.

Find License Key in “DFStd_KEY”.

Copy and paste the key into the blank and click “Next”.

Unselect Disk D and click “Next”.

After installing the frozen software, the V91 IDS software will not be deleted even if you reinstall the computer system. Therefore, if you want to install other version VCM2 IDS software later, please choose V86 rather than V91.

Click “Next”.

Click “Install”, your pc will then reboot automatically. The installation is finished.

This is fromobd toolwebsite technical support

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Free Vcm Activation Code

Multilingual Ford IDS V119.01 Full Software is tested working flawlessly on win xp /7 32 64 bits with VCMII clone or original, and features in online programming.

Ford IDS 119.01 features:

Perfectly compatible with XP 7 32 64bits

Multi Language available: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese etc.

Online programming is working great if you have online account.

Ford IDS V119.01 is tested working with:

– Ford VCM II clone (Best one)

Kaspersky Vpn Activation Code Free

How to choose a best VCM2?

– Ford VCM II original (search on Google)


Kaspersky Vpn Activation Code Free 2020

Ford IDS V119.01 Full Software download, installation & activation:

There is no software CD and download link, after you complete payment, the supplier will help installation & activation with TeamViewer.

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Then, where is a good place to have Ford IDS V119.01 Full Software with installation & activation service?

You can go to

Ford IDS V119.01 Full Software is confirmed to perform these functions:

V119.01 IDS is able to download the latest calibration/software files from ford’s server if your internet connection is available at the time of connecting to vehicles. (Confirmed)
Read and decode fault codes(Confirmed)
Delete fault codes (Confirmed)
Display the system current parameters in digital form (Confirmed)
Combined displaying of data (Confirmed)
Logs Keeping: writing and keeping of digital parameters in memory(Confirmed)
Special functions: changing of permissible setting of blocks, programming etc. (Confirmed)

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