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Duplicate file find software searches entire system and networks to find duplicate files through various search criteria. They come with powerful search engines to find replica of files and allows them to delete automatically or interactively.

Duplicate File Finder Remover is a free duplicate file finder software for Mac designed to locate and delete duplicate files on Mac that includes images, audio, video, song, documents, and archives. To use this free duplicate finder tool for Mac drag and drop images in the tool. Other than being a high-end Duplicate File Finder for Windows 10 and Mac users, Duplicate Sweeper does an impeccable job removing redundant files from the hard drive and cloud storage. Whether its photos, documents, video files, or backup sets, this incredible software will weed them out from wherever they are.


They allow one to view the duplicate files and sort them by modified date interactively. To know more about these software one can search Google use “duplicate file finder software full version free download”, “duplicate file finder software reviews”, “duplicate file finder software for windows 7” or “using easy duplicate finder”.

Professional duplicate cleaner for your Mac. Find and remove unwanted duplicate files, duplicate folders, and even similar photos. Free Download from App Store.

Heatsoft Clone Cleaner

Heatsoft Clone Cleaner software helps to find duplicate files by file name, size and content. It performs quick searching of duplicate files for the entire system. It allows deleting duplicated files automatically and moves them to recycle bin. It comes with easy-to-use interface and stores duplication file deletion details in log file.


AllDup comes with powerful search engine to find duplicate using several criteria like file name, extension, size, content, file dates, attributes, etc. It can search duplicate digital photos, music and audio files. It allows saving and restoring search results and enables continuing later. It provides detailed log and allows providing search exclusions.


SlimCleaner Plus software helps by finding duplicated files automatically and eliminates them. It comes with interactive viewing, sorting and comparing of duplicate files. It shows duplicate file names, date modified and unique file signature and allows deleting them interactively. It performs searching duplicate files in quick manner. It comes with various other tools disk analyzer and disk wiper.

Fast Duplicate File Finder

Fast Duplicate File Finder enables one to find duplicate files in a system or network computers. It allows smaller and older files to mark for deletion. It comes with great filters and allows exclusions from search criteria. It comes with easy to understand interface and provides useful software usage documentation.

Other Duplicate File Finder Software for Different Platforms

Free Mac Software Duplicate File FinderFile

There are a many of software available for different platforms like Windows, Mac Os and Android. These software are platform dependent and one should check for compatibility before downloading and installing them. The details and features of software for each platform are mentioned below for one to go through them for better understanding.

Duplicate file finder mac free software

Free Duplicate File Finder Software for Windows – Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

This software helps to locate duplicate files and remove them to free up disk space. It comes with best algorithms to find duplicates by comparing content of the files also. It allows specifying search criteria and deciding up on deletion of duplicate files. It is easy-to-use software and works fast.

Free Duplicate File Finder Software for Mac Os – Easy Duplicate Finder

Best Duplicate File Finder Mac

Easy Duplicate Finder comes with powerful features to locate duplicate files like photos, documents, videos, emails and many more. It comes with custom scan modes and performs quick search with high accuracy. It can also find duplicate from Google drive and drop box. It also protects files from deletion by accident.

Free Mac Software Duplicate File Finder Freeware

Free Duplicate File Finder Software for Android – Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate Files Fixer software scans android device and finds duplicate files. It comes with powerful scan engine to find duplicate files at a great speed. It allows previewing duplicate files before deleting them. It allows excluding folders from searching for duplicate files. It can scan any type of files to find duplicated files.

More Great Duplicate File Finder Software for Windows, Android and Mac Os

For windows version some of the duplicate file finder software is “Anti-Twin”, “SearchMyFiles”, “Duplicate Files Finder”, “Duplicate Cleaner Pro”, “Duplicate File Finder” and “Comodo System-Cleaner”. For Mac Os version some of the duplicate file finder software is “Gemini”, “DupeGuru”, “Tidy Up 4”, “The Duplicate Finder” and “CCleaner”. “Duplicate File Finder-Remover”, “Duplicate Media Remover” and “Search Duplicate File” are some of the duplicate file finder software for android application.

Most Popular Duplicate File Finder Software for 2016 is Duplicate File Finder


Duplicate File Finder software performs search for each byte to find duplicate files. Heat transfer 9th edition solution manual jp holman -. It can perform searching from selected folders. It allows excluding crucial folders from search criteria. It allows exporting duplicate search results to HTML and CSV formats. It skips hidden files which searching for duplicates. It is simple to use and works quickly.

What is Duplicate File Finder Software?

Duplicate File Finder Mac Free Software

Duplicate file finder software performs powerful search to find duplicate files and allows one to delete them. They come with many features like providing search criteria, previewing duplicate files, search by various categories and many more. They can find duplicates among photos, images, emails and videos. They search through entire system, network terminals and storage media to find duplicate files.

To know more about their varieties one can search Google using “duplicate file finder software, free download for windows 7”, “duplicate file finder software, free download with crack”, “duplicate file finder software, free download” or “easy duplicate finder customer service”.

Best Free Duplicate File Finder

How to Install Duplicate File Finder Software?

Duplicate Finder For Mac

The installation instruction document contains step-by-step procedure to install the software is provided along with the software download. One should check the versions and system requirements for both hardware and software before proceeding to downloading and installing the software. One should check for prerequisites to be installed as mentioned in the software website.

Benefits of Duplicate File Finder Software

Free Mac Duplicate File Finder

Duplicate files get accumulated over period of time for many reasons like downloading them from internet or other media to various locations in the system. Finding them is not easy job and these software perform excellent search and retrieve the duplicated files easily and quickly.

Free Duplicate File Finder Freeware

By removing duplicate files one gets more disk space and helps to optimize the performance of the system. Reduce the time to search any file and reduces virus scanning time. These software perform search intelligently and deletes duplicate files that are not required. One can see improvement in indexing time when duplicate files are eliminated.

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