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Now in its 18th year, New England's largest and most prestigious festival — FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival™ (RIIFF) — will take place August 5-10, 2014. Ranked as a one of the Top 12 Film Festivals in the United States, this world-class event will be held at venues around Providence. It features screenings, filmmaking workshops, meet-and-greet industry events and seminars. Aiming to promote Rhode Island as a filmmaking location and to celebrate the independent filmmaking spirit, FLICKERS also hosts a number of high-profile premières and provides a showcase for international features, documentaries, and shorts.

Founded in 1997, FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival has quickly carved out a name for itself. It accepts films of any type, in any genre and will screen this year 200 international productions. The films were shot and produced in countries across the globe. Rhode Island native Bobby Farrelly was so impressed with the festival's debut that he held the world premiere of his next film - There's Something About Mary - at the 1998 event

The festival is dedicated to the creation of opportunities for 'artistic interaction and exchange among independent filmmakers, directors, producers, distributors, backers and the film-going community'. It is a safe haven for all independent filmmakers - a place where they can hide from all the overblown CGI effects and high concept reinterpretations of classic films.

Download 2019 was absolutely epic! We had out of this world headline performances from the iconic Def Leppard, the mighty Slipknot and legendary Tool. It was a festival of first and lasts as Slayer played their last EVER UK show, Simple Creatures played their first UK festival and Tool returned to Download for the first time 12 years! Download Festival official merchandise store. Brand new Download Halloween merch now available!

This year, FLICKERS will screen amazing new work selected from over 5,100 film submissions. 100% of the RIIFF schedule is created from these film submissions; and not culled from other festivals. This makes for a truly dynamic event where regional audiences discover new work and new filmmakers whose work often overlooked.


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2014 Downloadable Program Book
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Ultra Music Festival 2014 Review

Ultra Music Festival is an annual outdoor EDM festival that occurs in March within the sun soaked boundaries of Miami, FL – specifically speaking, Downtown Miami in Bayfront Park.

Ultra was billed as a single day festival from its first year in 1999 – 2006, switching for a two-day format from 2007 – 2010 and finally amassing to a three-day festival in 2011 and 2012. In 2013, UMF took place across two consecutive weekends. Festival organizers have since reverted to a one-weekend format for 2014. Presale tickets for UMF allegedly sold out in under a minute.

This long running EDM festival now attracts a record number of attendants, drawing in 55k people per day on average. Ultra Music Festival has also expanded their international reach, occurring annually in Ibiza, Spain; Buenos Aires, Argentina; São Paulo, Brazil; Santiago, Chile; Seoul, South Korea; Split, Croatia and Hvar, Croatia.


Ultra Music Festival Mix

2014 version released following lineup

Ultra Music Festival 2014 Tickets

Download 2014 Festival Lineup 2019

Ultra Music Festival tickets are available only as a 3-day combo. Tickets are available as GA and VIP (21+) for March 28th, 29th, 30th.

Ultra 3-Day General Admission Tickets – $399.95

Ultra 3-Day General Admission Advance Tickets – $274.95

Ultra 2014 Advance Tickets Sold Out!

Ultra 3-Day Early Bird Tickets – $149.95

Ultra 2014 Early Bird Tickets Sold Out!

Ultra 3-Day VIP Tickets – $849.95

Remaining tickets available here.

Are Ultra VIP Tickets Worth It?

Wondering if Ultra VIP Tickets are worth it in 2014? We asked some 2013 VIP fans about their experience.

“I went in on a package deal for VIP tickets after making plans with some close friends. Ultimately, I had an awesome time. I think you really have to be a different kind of festival goer to appreciate what VIP generally provides. Most people probably don’t agree that seclusion or vantage points overlooking the main stage are appropriate at an EDM show. Personally, I think it’s the only way I can keep the energy for the third day.” ~ Tiffany H.

“Just because you opt for VIP tickets doesn’t remove you from the festival environment. I mean, what, you’re like a few hundred feet removed from the stage? Whatever. It’s still an experience. And actually I was invited to a few exclusive parties just for being a VIP holder.” ~ Jaci L.

So what exactly do Ultra VIP tickets entail? Those willing to splurge in 2014 can take advantage of an exclusive VIP entrance for expedited entry into the venue — with record attendance each year, this is a major plus. VIP guests also have full reign over elevated seating areas with direct view of the Ultra Main Stage. By the last headliner of the night, you’ll be thankful you have yourself an unobstructed view.

What would Miami be without exclusive bottle service? Friends who purchase VIP packages will be treated to premiere bottle service to keep the good times flowing. Gift bags are generally provided in addition, having featured merchandise from brands like Limited Edition Marquee, Tao and Lavo in the past. Free swag is always a good thing.

Details pertaining to Ultra 2014 VIP amenities are scarce at the moment but we’ll be keeping you posted as they’re made available.

What’s the Weather at Ultra Like?


Wondering what’s the weather at Ultra like? There’s a good reason Miami is well known for its relaxing conditions.

If you don’t mind minor humidity in the early afternoon, Ultra Music Festival has some of the best weather throughout the major festival circuit. Florida doesn’t really deal in any extreme weather conditions, but Ultra fits in nicely just before the warmer summer months.

The average high temperature around Ultra is 79 – 82 degrees Farenheit with a low of 64 – 68 degrees. The average rainfall, something not terribly uncommon to the Flordia coast, is 2.47 – 3.14 inches around this time of year.

But hey, talking about weather is boring. Let’s relive an Ultra Fest of yesteryear– it should answer some of your questions.

Ultra Fashion 2014

Ultra Fashion 2014 will be heavily influenced from two things: The bathing suit city that is Miami + one of the largest annual raves within the country. As you might guess, the typical result here is less clothes and more skin.

Yes, cliché is in abundance here as a result of the sizable crowd — but the largest crowds also draw some pretty inspired EDM fans who also happen to kill the fashion game.

Accessories are always great when attending an EDM festival. There are smarter ways to dress like less is more. Think bright colors and vibrancy for Ultra.

Ultra Music Festival Food Vendors and Prices

Looking for Ultra Music Festival food vendors and prices? Here’s can you can expect.

Download 2014 Festival Lineup Dates

Whether we’re talking Strawberry Fields fresh blended fruit or the Bali Kitchen and their assortment of delicious sesame ginger tofu, there’s festival food for everyone at UMF.

The east coast does an exceptional job at providing for our vegetarian and vegan friends, many carnivores actually opting for the lighter tastier options as well.

Expect all the basic festival varieties at Ultra 2014 — corn dogs, Mexican plates, pizza by the slice, Organic goodies like sweet tea and even funnel cake. The average cost of anything ranges from $6 for beverages and $8 for food items.

Bring some money to burn down to the food vendors at Ultra — their assortment of different food trucks offers some harder to find vendors you’ll never find out west.

Download Festival 2014 Lineup

Ultra Music Festival Drugs

Ultra Music Festival drugs are a complicated issue, depending how you look at it.

Download 2014 Festival Lineup 2020

“I flew to Miami from Los Angeles and put a few pills in my allergy bottle from my checked bag. It was probably a stupid thing to do in hindsight but I was able to bring my own stash without any consequence. I’d probably never do it again, they’re always getting more strict when it comes to what you can and can’t take.” ~ Shane E.

Similar to Coachella, Ultra is located on the far coast — depending on where you need to travel, this makes providing your own stash of drugs next to impossible. Anyone crossing state boundaries runs a significant risk of being fined or arrested, serious charges like intent to sell generally the consequence.

Download 2014 Festival Lineup Schedule

Additionally, the location of Ultra, in the heart of Miami’s urban environment, makes acquiring drugs on the scene a delicate matter. Cities like Miami are sprawling, huge areas — perhaps making them more difficult to police. While it’s entirely possible for someone without a connection to find a source around the time of Ultra, it’s hardly an easy feat either.

Download Festival 2014 Lineup

While we aren’t advocating drug usage at Ultra, we’re also not oblivious to the reality of the event for many festival goers. We suggest you exercise great caution when purchasing or providing your own drugs — the risk of carrying these drugs and traveling great distances typically outweighs the benefits. Never take something you’re uncomfortable with and never take more than you know you can handle.

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