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  • 40 (Dave Mathews) - download

  • Ants Marching (Dave Mathews) - download
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  • Best of What's Around (Dave Mathews) - download

  • Crash Into Me (Dave Mathews) - download
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  • Dancing Nancies (Dave Mathews) - download

  • Don't Drink the Water (Dave Mathews) - download
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  • Lie In Our Graves (Dave Mathews) - download

  • Pantala Naga Pampa (Dave Mathews) - download
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  • Satellite (Dave Mathews) - download

  • So Much to Say (Dave Mathews) - download
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  • The Proudest Monkey (Dave Mathews) - download

  • Too Much (Dave Mathews) - download
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  • Two Step (Dave Mathews) - download

  • Typical Situation (Dave Mathews) - download
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  • What Would You Say (Dave Mathews) - download

Dave Weckl Bio

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Dave Weckl Discography

Introduction to the video lesson: Dave Weckl drum solo

The drum sheet music of this lesson contains the transcription of Tower of Inspiration, from Dave Weckl's 'Master Plan'.

The Dave Weckl Band released five studio records, including: Rhythm Of The Soul, Synergy, Transition, Perpetual Motion, and Multiplicity. The band also released a hot live album, LIVE (and very plugged in) and a compilation of DWB and instructional videos entitled The Zone. Dave Weckl here Big things are brewing and I couldn’t be more excited! We’re going to offer mixes without drums, guitar, bass, or keys, so that YOU can play along. We’ll include charts, MIDI files (for keyboard players), and even videos of Dave playing the tunes (drum version)! Midi genres/directions. Classic; pop; rock; rap; dance; punk; blues; country; movie themes; tv themes; christmas carols. UP TO 50% REBATES ON MIDI CATALOG-40% 95 €-50% 199 €. Rebates are automatically calculated on MIDI-MP3 on checkout page (you must be logged in) CHOICE OF VARIOUS FORMAT: MIDI: no lyrics.

One of the drummers came to fame in the 80's, Dave Weckl has an extraordinary technique and a beautiful musical sense, a unique style that got him into the Gotha of the greatest drummers. Born is St. Louis (USA) in 1960, he completed his musical studies at a very early age, and was still very young when he began his professional career. In 1985 he started his nine-album collaboration with Chick Corea, the most important partnership in his career. During this period Dave Weckl worked both on acoustic and electronic sounds. Dave Weckl has since played with George Benson, Mike Stern, Simon and Garfunkel, Diana Ross, Robert Plant and many others, and besides his many experiences as a sideman, he has recorded with his own band since 1990. In the drum sheet of this lesson you'll find the transcription of Tower of Inspiration, from the first album 'Master Plan' recorded in 1990 by Dave Weckl.

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