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  • Introduction To Comodo Internet Security
    • Installation
      • Activating CIS Pro/Complete Services After Installation
    • The Main Interface
  • General Tasks – Introduction
    • Scan And Clean Your Computer
      • Run A Custom Scan
    • View CIS Logs
      • Antivirus Logs
      • Firewall Logs
      • Defense+ Logs
      • Alerts Logs
      • Tasks
      • Configuration Changes
  • Firewall Tasks – Introduction
  • Sandbox Tasks – Introduction
    • The Virtual Kiosk
  • Advanced Tasks – Introduction
    • Create A Rescue Disk
  • Advanced Settings
    • General Settings
      • Manage CIS Configurations
    • Security Settings
      • Antivirus Settings
      • Defense+ Settings
        • Protected Objects
        • Behavior Blocker
          • The Sandbox - An Overview
      • Firewall Settings
        • Network Zones
      • Manage File Rating
  • Comodo GeekBuddy
  • Appendix 1 CIS How To.. Tutorials
  • Appendix 2 - Comodo Secure DNS Service

Activating Your License

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Comodo internet security crack with activation key free
  • Start the Comodo Internet Security application as explained in the section Starting Comodo Internet Security.

Step 1: To activate your License, click 'Activate Now' beside 'Subscription' in the home screen.

The License Activation Wizard will start.

  • You should have received your License key through email if you have purchased CIS Pro. For CIS Complete, the license key is available on the DVD itself or printed on an insert included in the box packaging. Enter the license key and click 'Activate'.

Tip: If you haven't subscribed for Comodo Internet Security - Pro or Complete so far, click the 'click here' link. You will be taken to the Comodo website enabling you to purchase the license.

  • The wizard starts validating your key.


If you have not registered as an user in Comodo Accounts Manager (CAM), the following screen will be displayed.

  • Fill up the registration form with the login details and password for your Comodo Accounts Manager (CAM) account.




Enter your first name

Last Name

Enter your last name


Enter your email address


Enter your address


Enter your city name


Select your country from the drop-down box


Select your state from the drop-down box


Enter you full address

Create a new COMODO Account

  • Enter your username and password to create a new Comodo account with Comodo Accounts Manager (CAM)

Comodo internet security crack with activation key free

Comodo Internet Security Crack With Activation Keys

  • Click 'Register'

On successful validation, your subscription will be activated and a confirmation screen will be displayed.

  • Click 'Continue' to exit the wizard.

For CIS Pro users - Your CIS Pro product will be activated.

Comodo Internet Security Crack With Activation Key Free

For CIS Complete users - Your CIS Complete product will be activated along with Comodo Backup and TrustConnect Web editor for mac.

  • Accessing Comodo Backup online storage space - Use the login credentials provided during the CIS Complete registration step.

  • Using the TrustConnect service - The TrustConnect service will be automatically enabled after successful activation of the license. Please refer to the section TrustConnect Overview for more details on how to use the service.

Comodo Internet Security Crack With Activation Key 64-bit

Tip: You can also enter your activation key by clicking the link 'Enter a license key' in the About dialog, accessible by clicking Help icon > About from the title bar.

Comodo Internet Security Crack With Activation Key Download

The main interface will display the number of days left for the license before it should be renewed.