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Note: This edition of the toolkit is for Visual Studio 2013 and 2015 versions only. If you require the toolkit for Visual Studio 2017 please see this marketplace entry.

The AWS Toolkit provides Visual Studio project templates that you can use as starting points for AWS console and web applications. As your application runs, you can use the AWS Explorer to view the AWS resources used by the application. For example, if your application creates buckets in Amazon S3, you can use AWS Explorer to view those buckets and their contents. If you need to provision AWS resources for your application, you can create them manually using the AWS Explorer or use the CloudFormation templates included with the AWS Toolkit to provision web application environments hosted on Amazon EC2.

For issues or questions about this extension please open a GitHub issue at

  • The AWS Explorer presents a tree view of your AWS resources such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, AWS CloudFormation and other services as well. With the AWS Explorer you can view and edit resources within these services.
  • Web Applications and Web Sites can be deployed to the AWS cloud by right clicking on the project in the Solution Explorer and selecting 'Publish to AWS Elastic Beanstalk'.
  • Serverless applications can be deployed to the AWS cloud by right clicking on the project in the Solution Explorer and selecting 'Publish to AWS Lambda'.
  • Using the Amazon EC2 Instance view you can quickly create new Windows instances and Remote Desktop into them simply by right clicking the instance and selecting 'Open Remote Desktop'.
  • You can browse the files stored in your S3 bucket and upload and download files. You can create pre-signed URLs to objects to pass around and change the permissions of files. If the bucket is used with Amazon CloudFront you can perform invalidation requests from within the bucket browser.
  • AWS IAM users and groups can be created and users can be assigned to groups. Access keys can be generated for IAM users and access policies can created using the access policy editor for both users and groups.
  • Through the AWS Explorer, you can view, create, and delete Amazon DynamoDB tables. You can also add new items to tables, add new attributes to items, and edit attribute values. The AWS Toolkit also enables you to search your tables using Scan operations.
  • Using the editor for Amazon SQS queues you can see and edit the properties, send messages to the queue and view a sampling of the messages in the queue.
  • Using the editor for Amazon SNS topics you can see properties, publish messages to the queue and create subscriptions to the topic. You can also drag and drop queues onto the topic editor to create subscriptions.

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Aws Toolkit Visual Studio For Mac Osx

  1. Visual Studio for Mac does not support the AWS Toolkit so it cannot be used with AWS CodeStar. The information in this topic applies only to AWS CodeStar projects that store their source code in CodeCommit. If your AWS CodeStar project stores its source code in GitHub, you can use a tool such as the GitHub Extension for Visual Studio.
  2. AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Codeを利用することで使い慣れたVS Codeを使用してAWS Lambdaの開発を効率よく行うことができます。 今回はC#(.NET Core)で開発を行う例を紹介しましたが、Node.jsやPythonでも同様に利用することができます。.

Using the AWS Lambda.NET Core project templates for Visual Studio, you can create a Lambda function using Microsoft.NET Core. For prerequisites and information about setting up the AWS Toolkit for.


In this lab you'll gain a basic understanding of configuring and using the AWS Toolkit for .NET. This lab includes the process of installing and configuring Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition. The installation and configuration of Visual Studio Community Edition and the AWS Toolkit for .NET is part of the learning process and is included in the lab to provide reinforcement. Finally, you will learn how to run a simple console application in C# using the AWS SDK for .NET.

Aws Toolkit For Visual Studio For Mac

Topics covered

By the end of this lab you will be able to:

  • Connect to an Amazon EC2 instance running Windows Server
  • Install AWS Toolkit for .NET
  • Configure Visual Studio for AWS
  • Create an AWS project in Visual Studio
  • Build a Windows console application to create two Amazon S3 buckets and upload files to them, then delete bucket 1 without force parameter and bucket 2 with force


Aws Visual Studio Sdk

To successfully complete this lab, you should be familiar with Visual Studio for C# and have a basic knowledge of AWS.

Mac Users: Download Remote Desktop client software

If you are running Windows on your local machine, you can use Remote Desktop Connection to access your Amazon EC2 instance.

If you are on a Mac, you will require Microsoft Remote Desktop (with the red icon):

Mac users can download Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Mac App Store.

If you do not have access to the Mac App Store, you can use CoRD for Mac, but please note that the instructions for this lab assume you are using Microsoft Remote Desktop.

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