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Anytone At D878Uv Accessories

Anytone At-d878uv Accessories


D878UV PLUS Bluetooth $239.95 usd CANADIAN customers send request to: [email protected] for Canadian dollar pricing. Shop the AnyTone accessories available at BridgeCom Systems. Free 2-3 Day Shipping! Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Earpiece Compatible with the following AnyTone Radios: AnyTone AT-D878UV Plus Handheld Radio. Optional Accessories Earphone Li-ion Battery Pack Programming Car Charger EJX-023 QB-44L(2100mAh) or Software CPL-01 QB-44HL(3100mAh) uipment Battery Eliminator Speaker Microphone Leather Case CPL-02 QHM-024 PT-878 AT-D878UV Digital DMR and Analog UHF/VHF Two Way Radio.

Anytone At 878

Order #
PhotoItemDescriptionYour PriceOrder
BATT 868Li-Ion 7V 3100 mAh battery. [As supplied].Discontinued
ANT 868Flexible SMA antenna. [As supplied].Discontinued
#3799CLIP 868Belt clip. [As supplied].$1.98
CAR 868Car charge plug.Discontinued
#3764CRAD 868Charging tray only for AT-D868/878. [As supplied].$4.98
ELIM 868Mobile battery eliminator. Slides into HT in place of battery with cord to cigar plug.Discontinued
USB 868USB programming cable.Discontinued
#5908WXBNCSMA female to BNC female adapter. Black. VIEW$5.95
#4304SMA F - SMA FSMA female to SMA female antenna adapter.$2.19
#5962Surmen UT-108 SMAFComplete 2M/440 HT antenna with magnetic mount with reverse SMA termination. INFO$14.98