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It seems that the best way to automate your tasks is to:

How to auto-schedule a VBA code to be run in MS ACCESS periodically? Iymanb asked on 2017-02-17. Microsoft Access; VBA; 14 Comments. How to launch a VB script using the task scheduler at a specific date and time automatically. For more details visit: The task scheduler can open a file, but it can't run a macro. So I arrange it so the task scheduler opens the script (which has code to run automatically on open) and the script runs a macro in the target spreadsheet. I have two directories: one to hold the scripts and a parallel directory to hold the target workbooks.

i) run your queries automatically by building a macro that runs you desired queries and then exits Access.


MacroAccess macro scheduler trainingAccess Macro Scheduler

ii) The next step would be to create a batch file that opens Microsoft access and runs the desired macro. The file would contain some command such as:

'C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice14MSACCESS.exe' 'C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice14samplesnorthwind.mdb' /x macroToRun

Access macro scheduler tutorial

iii) The final step would be to run the batch files using windows task scheduler. You can make multiple batch files and run them at different times to account for the different queries for different times of the month etc.

Access Macro Scheduler Tutorial

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