2018 Word For Mac 15.39 Recover After Power Failure


‘Microsoft Word’ is one of the most extensively used Microsoft applications that allows user to create, view, paste, copy, edit, save, print and share documents. It enables the user to enhance their documents by inserting animated images, photographs, diagrams, charts, images, shapes etc. MS Word create an electronic document that is widely used to type articles, letters, essays, memoranda, legal content and member list Owing to its user-friendliness, MS Word finds its utilization for commercial, noncommercial and private sectors.

  1. 2018 Word For Mac 15.39 Recover After Power Failure
  2. 2018 Word For Mac 15.39 Recover After Power Failure Failed
  3. 2018 Word For Mac 15.39 Recover After Power Failure Failed
  4. 2018 Word For Mac 15.39 Recover After Power Failure Switch

Oct 18, 2017 How to Recover Microsoft Word on Mac for Free Posted on October 18, 2017 November 27, 2018 by admin ‘Microsoft Word’ is one of the most extensively used Microsoft applications that allows user to create, view, paste, copy, edit, save, print and share documents. In High Sierra, 10.13.5 I used System Information (alt About this Mac) to examine the Power Management log, under Software/Logs. This clearly showed I'd had a power cut at or shortly after 02:35:14 am. I originally spotted it when the clock on my microwave showed 00:00. Below you cans see the power off and reboot times. Dear Norberto.Valladares, Thank you so much for sharing the way to recover unsaved files, under “Recovering Unsaved Files and Edits”. I was doing my work and i accidentally closed my new ms word doc with clicking on “don’t save”. I panicked, and felt discouraged. I know there is auto-recovery in an event where the laptop crush or shut off. First, Word includes an auto-recovery feature that scans for files every time it starts. If you think you have lost data, you can try restarting Word to see if it recovers the file for you. Reboot into Recovery mode or Internet Recovery by holding Command-R at startup. Choose Terminal in the Utilities menu. Enter resetpassword (all one word, and lowercase) in the Terminal window.

Do you know that MS Word document file is prone to severe corruption? Yes it’s true; a doc file can get easily damaged. MS Word file gets corrupt due to various reasons including Trojan or Virus attacks, abrupt system shutdown, malfunction of any hardware or software and sudden cancellation of the application.

At first instance, a corrupt MS Word file will not open and if it opens it might show some unusual behaviors like improper formatting, incorrect document layout, re-pagination and even the system crash. These changes are the clear indications that your file has damaged.

There are several ways by which you can repair the damaged doc file, these include:

Try opening other documents in Word on the same computer

Look for other copies of your document on another computer or email

Run CHKDSK utility to check corruption at the file system level.

Save the document in a different file format like.rtf or.txt. After opening the converted doc, resave it in a new version of.doc or.docx

Use Word’s built-in text converter utility. In Word, click on Microsoft Office button in the upper left part and then select Open from the File

2018 Word For Mac 15.39 Recover After Power Failure

From the Open dialog select “Recover Text from Any File” from dropdown file list, select the file that you want to convert. Reset the dropdown file list into one of the Word document formats to prevent Word from using the recover text utility

Use Word’s Open and Repair. This feature repairs Word documents. To use this feature, follow these steps:

2018 Word For Mac 15.39 Recover After Power Failure Failed

Choose the Open option for your Word 2007

In the Open dialog select the file you wish to open and repair

Click the down arrow beside the Open button and select Open and Repair from the menu

Use a shadow copy by right-clicking and selecting Properties from the popup menu. Select Previous Versions tab from one of the available versions on the Properties dialog. (NOTE: Previous Versions tab appears only if your hard drive is NTFS formatted). Be aware of the fact that a shadow copy will not be as complete as a backup you created

If all these steps fail to fix the corrupt file then the possible solution left with you is to go employ the service of a data recovery expert or Word Recovery Software. This recovery Software can effectively perform strenuous task of repairing as well as recovering if all these steps fail to fix the corrupt file.

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“I was working on a Word file and kept on saving the changes on my Mac computer. However, suddenly Word file crashed and quit unexpectedly. It was saved on my Mac system desktop and I cannot see it anymore. I could not find that Word document even after searching it using search command still it out. How to deal with this type of situation? Waiting for any valuable suggestions”

If you are the one who has experienced above situation, then you will probably solve your problem after reading this page. When Word file crashes, then give your Mac a little time; it might eventually return to normal condition after some time. However, when there are too many applications or files open, the computer becomes overloaded and it might shut down unexpectedly in order to free up addition memory. Such instances may give a way to word document loss.

However, when Word document crashes at the time you are working on it, then you can still retrieve Word file using the “Auto Recover” function included with Microsoft Word application. This is a special feature of Word which creates a backup of opened documents at mentioned intervals. When you open new Word document, it will automatically detect and display “Auto Recover” files in the “Document Recovery” pane if any Word file is crashed. In case Word processor fails to open the task pane, then search for ASD file in Microsoft Word or in Mac finder. ASD files are nothing but backup of Word documents that are automatically saved in Word application when it crashes all of a sudden without any notification. But ASD file will be saved if you go to “File” options and click on “Save AutoRecover information every 5 minutes”

Then how to rescue Word document from Mac after crash?

2018 Word For Mac 15.39 Recover After Power Failure

There is no need to worry when Word document crashes and your work is halted, because using appropriate Word document recovery software such as Yodot Mac File Recovery you can get back required Word file easily. Once you choose specified drive, it will start to scan that drive and shows you its details such as files, folders, recovered data, start time, elapsed time as well as time remaining, so that you can estimate the time required to restore files along with number of retrieved files. Also you can mark needed files and ignore rest to consume less time. One can recover documents from Apple devices such as MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac desktop etc. In addition to this, it will restore pages document, AbiWord files, RAR file, ZIP file, Numbers file and many more which has been deleted, lost, missing or formatted from hard disk on Mac computer after accidental deletion, application crash, power failure, file transfer errors and so on. This application works successfully on computers running with Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks operating system. Furthermore, the size of this utility is too small that it acquires very less space on your Macintosh system.

Procedure to regain Word file after crash:

  • Download Yodot Mac File Recovery software and install it to your Mac computer
  • As soon as the installation process completes, run it to find out steps involved in Word file recovery process
  • Main screen shows two options which are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Choose second option in order to retrieve crashed Word file
  • You will find available drives on next screen from which you can regain your files
  • Mark on any drive from where you want to retrieve files and then hit on “Next” option to commence the scanning process
  • When application finishes scanning, you will find recoverable files on next screen
  • Choose Word files which you want; along with Word files, you can rescue other files mentioned in the list
  • Select required file formats; otherwise click on “Skip” to choose all files by default
  • View restored files by using two view types which are “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • At last save regained data in desired location other on your Mac computer or to any external storage drive
2018 word for mac 15.39 recover after power failure failed

Points to Remember:

  • As Word crash is unpredictable instance, make sure that you keep backup of it every time you edit it
  • Utilize “AutoRecover” option to automatically create one more copy of Word file when any interruptions occurs

2018 Word For Mac 15.39 Recover After Power Failure Failed

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2018 Word For Mac 15.39 Recover After Power Failure Switch

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